Monday, December 25, 2017

Surface Pressure
by Eena Shrestha
20 December 2017, Wednesday

On 23 October 2017 we worked on experiment on Surface or Water Pressure.

We needed a plastic bottle, tape, water, a measuring tape, and scissors.

This time around, we first wrote down all materials we would need and the procedure that we would follow. Sushant sir was helping us.

First, we made 3 small holes vertically measuring the distance. Then we closed the holes with tape.

All of us had to write and draw, including the small ones who are now 4 but getting the hang of taking notes and making illustrations.

We filled the bottle up to the top with water. After an orientation, we removed the pieces of tape off the bottle.

Our attempt failed because the bottle that we chose was leaky. Then we got a better hang of things, got a better not leaky bottle and repeated the process again.

The end result was that the water from the lowest hole went a little bit further away from the bottle. The water from the highest hole was flowing closest to the.

Therefore our conclusion was that water pressure depended on the height between the surface of the water.

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