Tuesday, May 22, 2018

About Chuntu
17 may 2018, Thursday
by Anita Bhattarai

Chuntu is a cute girl. She is three years old, but she does hard work at Evolution School and she likes this school.

Everybody likes Chuntu, or Nee La (in Newari Nee means Pure and La means Water, so she has a beautiful name which suits her very well).

She has short black hair. She has small, squishy hands. The first time she came to Spiny Babbler she looked scared because we asking her so many questions. Like how old are you? What is your name?

After a few days she got used to us and all of us are happy to meet each other every day.

Chuntu, or Nee La loves Jamuna ma’am and doesn’t want to leave her, ever. But now we know how to coax her and she lets Jamuna ma’am go do her other work if she needs to.

Little Chuntu is a little short tempered but is fun to be around if she wants you to be around.

She is also very smart. She understands English, Newari (although she can’t speak the language) and Nepali. She also does splendid artwork.

When we do boxing, she joins us for the warm up, the punching, and does exercises like pushups.

In music, she knows lesson one and two orally. Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni, Saaaa. She also knows some of her a, b, c’s.

She goes swimming with us even if she is scared of the cooold water and is getting the hang of walking in water.

We are very happy to have her with us to add joy to our lives.

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