Sunday, September 23, 2018

Rice planting

by Suprit

In school, we were planning to visit a farm and plant new rice plants.

Since it was the season of planting, we went to Thimi at my grandparents’ farm. My grandparents has a farm land where planting happens in every monsoon season.

We reached at my grandparent’s house. We changed into old clothes for the planting activity. Then we went to the field.

We first took off our shoes and stepped into the mud.

They told us to step and walk all over the grass so that the grass would bury inside the mud. So, we ran and splashed on the grasses.

Then we went to another field and planted the new rice plants.

We then took a break and had lassi.

Then we had a mud fight. There we ran, played, laughed and splashed mud to each other. Anita, Shila and Utu fell in the mud.

It was so fun. It was our first time of such planting.Then we took a shower and went home.

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