Monday, January 13, 2020

Off to the Market

Off to the Market
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Vegetables, fruit, fish… we visited one of the largest markets of Kathmandu in Lagankhel. We walked there from Spiny Babbler. Little 3 year olds and older 13 year olds, all of us went there. We had just reached the market when Pallav sir joined us: he had gone to buy shrimps for our afternoon’s science experiment!

First we looked at the fruit stalls: dragon fruit, kiwi, plums, oranges, grapes, avocado, banana, apple, bayar (pay), and more. The colors were so beautiful and we loved looking at the fruit.

Then we reached the dried fish stall: all kinds of fishes were smoked and dried from the villages of Nepal. Some of the fishes were from the mountain streams. They were very small to large.

Next to the dried fish stall was the mushroom stall: we saw umbrella mushrooms, the button mushrooms and the very expensive shitake mushrooms.

Then there was a very strong smell: the smell of fish! Pallav sir told us about the Pangasius fish that have been dissected at Spiny Babbler, he showed us live catfish, he pointed out the rohu and the masheer, we looked at the bighead which, he said, grows to be very big! He picked up a piranha fish and told us that it can attack human beings. A sample in the Godavari fishery brought over from Begnas lake in Nepal is 84 kilos, he said.

We bought a bit of kiwi, grapes, bayar (pay), banana, and other fruit for little Zoya for her breakfast. She loves to eat a mix of 5 fruit in the mornings! Then we saw chicken, pork, and goat meat being sold.

Sabina ma’am told us of Maghe Sankranti festival. There was a lot of different types of yam and sweet potato and squash root on sale for the festival, she said. We also saw a whole lot of dairy products including cheese, paneer, milk, ghee, butter being sold. We also saw different types of spinach, broccoli, tomato, pumpkin, squash, chillies, cucumber, egg plant, turnips being sold.

A shopkeeper kindly answered our questions. He asked our children what pumpkins were called in English and Nepali. Subigya was a champion, she answered all his questions very well and correctly!

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