Friday, May 4, 2018

A Visit to the Bookshop
Compiled and edited by Utkrista Mulmi
Photo editing Anita Bhattarai

Vidheha (4 years old) submitted this report typed, she had a little bit of help with the grammar and spellings: We went to Thapathali Ekta Bookshop. We saw lots of books. Amulya and Bishesh and I played around and read some books. 

We went upstairs, and we saw millions of books. Utkrishta dada and Baba chose books and I read the Peppa pig book. I helped them finally select the 26 books we bought.

Arambha’s part: I read 4 books, I read the cow book, I read the hen book, I read the superhero book.

Shila’s picking: First we go to the bookshop. The bookshop is so big and has many books. Pallav sir said Vidheha, Utu and I were picking books for the school. I chose Noddy series, I chose 8 books that we bought for the school. 

I like that bookshop. Utu dada chose the Ladybug series of books. Vidheha likes book reading, she also helped chose level 2 and 3 books. The books were so heavy.

Snigdha’s part: First, I see the books. Then, I read the books. I read 4 books, they were the cat and cow book, and the duck book, and the hen book. I looked at the books. 

Then we went upstairs and we saw the books Pallav sir had selected to buy. I and Vidheha, Bishes and Amulya sat down with a lady who had also come to buy books and we read.

Amulya’s experience: First, I saw lots of books. I read books and we put the books and we saw a puzzle book too. And we took some books from the shelf and we saw some more books upstairs. And we took the books to school.

Suprit’s part: We went to the van and we went to the bookshop. I chose one book which is Batman and I read it. Then I read construction book. And I read the good dinosaur, it was fun as we could roll the eyes which were like marbles. I then went with Vidheha and we saw some puzzle books.


Utuman’s narrative:

We went up a loft to get more Ladybug books. Last time we only brought level one and two books so we decided to get level 2 and 3 books as well as some 4 to 6 level books. Them we got some Noddy books. 

Everyone got to walk around, look at the books they liked, read some stuff, run around, laugh and converse and enjoy other books.

I really liked the fact that the Ekta Bookshop did not bug us, scold us, or bother us. You know how kids can damage books and they had so many new ones. 

But then, at our school, we learn to love books like children, we are taught how to handle them, not to damage them. Pallav sir had further briefed us to be careful and Palistha maam, Jamuna maam and  Rizen sir were supervising the kids.

It was great that I, Shila, Vidheha actually got to choose the books we were buying for the school. We chose 26 titles. Anita was the banker and she paid for them! She had to stay within her budget.

After we paid for the books we went onto the ground floor because we were in the basement. It was the adult section with novels and stationary items and more. We spent some time running around and looking at books and Suprit found some Pok√©mon comics that we read.

Then we went another floor up and we got to the A level studies section. And something caught my eye! It was the Physics books. We were trying to get a physics book for me for this and the following years and there was three options.

We had several options. We asked the cashier how much they were and 1 was 3030 and 1 was 5000 so we took the cheaper one. The more expensive one was endorsed by Cambridge University while the cheaper one was fully produced by Cambridge. 

I will be asking my baba to send me money so I can buy the Physics book, it really looks big and fat and contains a lot of learning.

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