Thursday, May 10, 2018

A trip to the market
 by Anita Bhattarai 

This is my most favorite shopkeeper in the world.

I like to go to the market. I go to the market every morning to buy milk. The  first time I went shopping I didn’t know how to calculate anything. Then I got better at it and I go to the market with Shila and others who want to come along.

At Balkhu, Kathmandu's super super super vegetable market.

Today Kalpana ma’am, Sanket dada and I went to Balkhu from our school and we saw lots of vegetables. We needed to buy Bannana, chilly, lemon, ladyfingers, beans, radish, bitter gourd, pumpkin tomato, cucumber. First we bought the pumpkin then we saw small lemons for sale and we discussed with shopkeeper and he said that these lemons are good and better than the other lemons because this is local lemon, so we bought it. 

This is where vegetables from all parts of Nepal and India and China end up.

Then we saw brinjals, but we didn’t buy these brinjals because this brinjals was bad and we didn’t need brinjals. Then we looked around and we saw tomato this is big and fresh and this time I buy tomato. Then we went another shop and we buy parval, cucumber, ladyfingers, radish, beans, bitter gourd and we also buy banana and we enjoy there our van came and we came back to our school.  

We buy chilies then I take photos and Sanket Dai and Kalpana ma’am buying the vegetable and I asked a man how much the total cost was and he told me and I made a list.

We dig around for great deals. You have to be careful, what was cheap yesterday may be 2x the cost today!

Cost of the vegetable:
Banana: Rs 100
Chilly: Rs 35
Cucumber: Rs 200
Lemon: Rs 100
Tomato: Rs 90
Pointed gourd: Rs 100
Ladyfingers: Rs 200
Radish: Rs 90
Beans: Rs 150
Bitter gourd: Rs 100
Pumpkin: Rs 100

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