Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day Terry!

On Friday we had a discussion and an artwork day to send a gift to a special person we know. Everyone was busy thinking about Terry and making portraits of her. Our English teacher who wakes up eaaaarly to be with us each week, a friend, and a contributor she has been a part of our lives in many different ways.

What was thought and said is being worked on by Utu and will be added to this post later as we got caught up on a two-day weekend.

Had to share the images though on the international Mother's Day. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Shila and Snigdha made a portrait of Terry using mango leaves. :)! Mango season coming up Terry, any plans to come out of Skype and visit Nepal?


Wow, just wow! Terry is a doll! Anita has outdone herself.

Anita is busy making a rag doll of Terry. See, she has the blonde hair all sown up.


Terry teaches us English so Sanket and Suprit decided to use word puzzles pieces to make her portrait.

Vidheha was very excited, she wanted to make Terry using plum seeds that we use to learn maths with.

Utu and Amulya made a mask using paper and tape. Amulya had to leave before we could take photos! Oh no!


Terry: Talented, Extraordinary, Radical, Rare, Year long (?) Utu needs to explain that one, Happy Mother's Day.


Terry: Talented, Extraordinary, Radical, Rare, Year long (?) Utu needs to explain that one, Happy Mother's Day.


Bishes made this great artwork of Terry with flowers in her hair, a piano and street dogs of Kathmandu. 


Then Bishesh is busy, he too wants to work with the seeds. Sadly, he had to leave before he could finish his masterpiece, the van was beeping. 

Then Vidheha has a bright idea, let's make another portrait using blocks this time!

Big smiling Terry is ready and Anita loves the idea and comes up with two excellent pieces of Terry artwork using different types of blocks. 



Shila made Terry's portrait using pencil some while ago and wanted to contribute it to this document. We had just studied Clemente, Bacon, da Vinci, Michelangelo, Morandi and Khalo so we were practicing portrait making.


Vidheha wants to send  ice cream and flowers and a tent and candies and books and boots to Terry.

Anita also runs to get her art copy to share the portrait study she had made of Terry.


Happy international Mother's Day Terry. Love from Kathmandu. Utu's documentation to follow! 


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