Thursday, September 13, 2018

Greeting Program

6th September, 2018

Today, We had two very special guests at our school. They are a part of our core members supporting us, Spiny Babbler family, and helping to develop our children's lives. Mrs. Akanchya Sharma, who has helped us in different ways since 2015, had her parents visit us. 

Everyone were pretty excited after knowing we were having them for the afternoon. Utkrista, Anita and Pallav sir had scheduled some performances and interacting sessions for the day. Kids were busy in making their specially created welcome cards for our guests.

After their arrival, everyone greeted them with warm smiles and their cheerful introduction. Our guests were really amazed to find the different aged children in one school, learning and growing all together. 

The program was started without any delay. It was the Music session at first , which was playing the flute by most of our children. 

First of all, Our National Anthem was played on flute by our lovely Snigdha, to mark the beginning . Next was our talented Utu playing "mangal dhoon", followed by our little Suprit playing twinkle twinkle little star, then came Bishesh playing "mero sano kharayo" and "phool ko ankha ma", after which our amazing Shila showed her skills with "resham firiri" and "eh kancha". 

Our two handsome, Arambha and Amulya played their flute lessons from 1-5, followed by our wonderful Anita playing the "chyangba oi chyangba". The kids were even humming the songs and helping other kids to play on rhythm. Then three of our amazing kids, Utu, Anita and Shila, teamed up to play "malshree dhoon" and "bhupali raag" for the last play.

After the beautiful musical session, next was the Interaction session where the kids were delighted to share their learning and progressions learned in the school. 

They have been learning about Finance and Economy, and working on a project of banking and finances. Kids saves Rs. 50 on every Friday, having a goal of opening a bank account and depositing the sum in their respective accounts. Children will visit the bank and learn how to do these processes by firsthand experience. They have even learned how to make a ledger for their accounts.  

Anita showed them the bundle of collected money and the ledger and explained their learning. Mr. and Mrs. Sharma were very kind to share their experiences and knowledge about banking as they have worked greatly in banking sector before. 

Next, our playful Utu showed them how they learned different courses on easy-to-learn app "Khan Academy"; in this app, kids can work through their own level and practice different exercises and learn each subject.

Our kids handed their adorable handmade welcome cards to the guests. The guests were pretty impressed with the kids' efforts. They loved their cards and felt more welcomed. After the cheerful moment, some kids volunteered to chant the multiplication table on backwards to amaze the guests more. 

With these, there was a wrap to the program; though there were still other activities on the schedule, time ran quite fast that day. It was then the snacks time. Our guests were offered with some puris, kheer, achar and curd as snacks. Pallav sir, Bhagwati ma'am and the guests had quite a good time having a great talk on the table. They seemed to enjoy every bit of it.

We, Spiny Babbler family, are very glad that Mr. and Mrs. Sharma were able to visit us and spend some time with everyone here. We are very thankful for all the support they have provided to us since 2015.

Here we are sharing the blog wrtitten by one of our kids of the visit day.

Utkrishta writes:
Yesterday, we were told that we were having visitors tomorrow. The people visiting were Akanchya’s parents, Mr. Kamal Prasad Sharma Pyakurel and Mrs. Anju Sharma. Akanchya is a very important member of Spiny Babbler and helped a lot with the post earthquake recovery and still helps us to get our education.

For the greeting program, we had prepared a whole schedule of different activities that we were going to present for them. Pallav sir went to pick them up and we were all getting the things ready for our program.

 First of all, we welcomed them with some flute performance. Almost everyone had their chance to show their flute skills. Then, We shared about our educational activities that we were learning in our everyday classes.

We had prepared hand crafted welcome cards for them, and handed them. They loved all of our cards. After that, we showed them our blogs, that we write almost every day on various topics.

Also, we showed how we learned maths and physics courses in apps like Khan Academy. They were impressed to see how we use the new techniques to study and learn. They were kind enough to share some of their stories and teach us with their experiences. We all are very thankful for that.

We had prepared small boxes of peanut butter and mayonnaise for them as a token of love from all of us. They were amazed to find out that they were made by us, just the day before. Then, we had our snacks time at the last.

Our schedule did not go the way we planned, because we had snacks in between, and could not deliver the poems and some of the activities on the schedule. The whole program went well and our visitors were happy to see us learning so much. Pallav sir and the visitors had some good time talking about different things in the snacks time.

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