Friday, September 14, 2018

Vegetable seller

11 September 2018, Tuesday
By Anita Bhattarai

I am the school’s finance & economy person. I go and buy all the vegetables. I also calculate the children funds.

This morning, Bhagwati ma’am saw a lady selling fresh pumpkin shoots on a woven bamboo basket. Utu dada and I was sent to buy them. She was selling the pumpkin shoots for 15 rupees each stack. This is a very cheap price for very good quality pumpkin shoots. We went down to her and bought 2 stacks of pumpkin shoots which costed us Rs. 30 in total. We also took a short interview of the lady. She said her name was Maya Shrestha. She was selling freshly grown pumpkin shoots from her own fields in Balkot. She carries her basket and sells her freshly grown vegetables when they are perfect to sell.

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