Friday, January 17, 2020

Making momo

Making momo
by Shila Shrestha

Today is Friday, 17 January 2020. It has been raining for a couple of days and nights. Its winter. So its wet and cold.

But today was a great Friday as we decided to make momos. Momos are hot and tasty. All of us sit together and work together so its fun.

As usual, the day started with music. We finished the music class. Then we played games. Then I helped to Subigya to color her artwork. We are getting ready for an art exhibition.

We were now ready to make momos. Because it was raining, we could not work outside and there was little space. We decided that we older and more experienced kids would do the work.

We asked other kids to watch Angry Birds because we were sure they would much rather eat the hot momo than sit in the cold kitchen and make hundreds of them.

After lunch we were ready, the meat was ready with minced chicken, finely cut cabbages, and soya nuggets. First we had to wash our hand because our hand could be dirty.

Then Subigya, Arya, Mirdvika, Vidheha and I sat around the dining table on our chairs. Sabita didi rolled the momo dough. I put the chicken on dough and other my friends shaped the momo.

I know how to make the momo, people say I can make them quite well. So Pallav sir asked Durga didi to put the chicken mix on the round rolled out base and said you also make momo.

Durga didi put the mix while Subigya, Vidheha, Mirdvika, Arya and I made the momo. Water had already been set to boil and the different layers of the pans oiled.

Sabita didi set the momos we had placed on the pans to cook. Arya had to go because it was very cold day his mother came to get him early. Pallav sir said you can have some momos in the car. Arya had made very nice momos and he got many on a plate to share with his mum.

We worked for about two hours, all of us and finished momo making. It was time to eat! Mirdvika ate many momos. She likes the momo. She wanted more momo. We all ate lots of momo.

However, Natasha and Raya don’t eat chicken. They are vegetarian. Pallav sir said since you don’t eat chicken, you can have egg momo. Sabita didi scrambled some eggs. I put the egg on dough and the two American sisters made momo.

After Sabita didi set the momos to steam, they ate the egg momo. I think they liked the egg momo! It looked good.

Today we made very good momo. We liked the tomato ketchup and the spicy momo sauce. Momo is always good and I like to make momo as it is so fun to do.

Sunday we will made the peanut butter said Pallav sir. Cooking is fun. I like to make things. Today was cold rainy day but it was an interesting day.

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