Monday, January 20, 2020

Trip to Santaneshwor

Trip to Santaneshwor 
by Subigya

We went to Santaneshwor temple on 8th January 2020, Wednesday. We went there by the school van. In the van we were singing songs, listening to songs and talking with friends too about the songs. I sat in the back seat. Beside me there were Krit and Arhat. In the back seat Shila didi, Krit, Arhat, Sidhanth, Abhik, Shuvam, Saurhit and I were sitting.

We left the school right after eating lunch which was around 12:30 PM. When  the van stopped and we went out the van, Pallav sir forgot something in the van so he made Arhat run to the van and get the hiking stick, Vidheha's woolen hat and Vidheha's bag.

Then we started climbing stairs up and up. Arhat and I decided that we would let everyone go in front of us and we would run all the way to the top but our plan kind of failed because we got very tired. When we reached the top we were very tired and decided to sit. After sitting for a while we rang almost all the bells there.

Then Arhat and I raced on who had the most steps. Then we went down in another way. Me and Arhat raced on who could get down the fastest. Then we ended up in a jungle. Then we clicked a group photo. Shila didi played the flute at jungle for a while. 

After that, we had to go down from a cliff to some stairs. When we got to the stairs, some people helped us to get down. Then we clicked some more photos and Saurya climbed a cliff. After me, Arhat and Saurya got up, Pallav sir told us to get down because all of us couldn't climb it. We went down the stairs and got in the van. Then we went back to school. We enjoyed a lot.  We had a lot of fun.

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