Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Working out
by Aastha Tharu

Boxing is a good sport. In our spring sensations holiday camp we have boxing three days a week.

First we do some warm up and we do running.

Then we take some rest to drink some water and go to washroom.

After that we stand where our boxing instructor tells us.

After we take our positions we practice what we know.

Sir comes to us individually and tests us. He teaches different and interesting moves related to punching and foot movements.

Some of the moves are a little little hard but also sir comes and helps if we have a hard time.

Boxing increases our concentration. It is a good exercise for our health. It increases our blood flow and makes us energetic.

After making all the moves, we do some push-up and after that we take a little rest or go to the washroom and drink water. After that we again learn new moves again!

We do a little bit of gymnastics as well. Stretches, rolls, head stands, hand stands, car wheels….

After that we take rest and it is lunch time. First the small ones go and eat their lunch and then it is our time to eat lunch.

A visit to the art gallery
by Nidhi Baral

The process of describing feelings or emotions in different forms can be called art. 

There is art of nature, art made by man. 

There are many different forms of man made art: they can be drawings, music, literature, sculpture, building, etc.

On 13 April, we went to an Art Gallery in Jawalakhel by foot.

First, we looked at the art work on display many were amazing and gaze worthy. 

There were paintings, sketches, and sculpture. 

We even saw an artist’s work whose name was exactly the same as our Anita Bhattarai J.


After clicking pictures, we started drawing our own artwork selecting the ones which we liked the most. 


While everyone was drawing, a few of us went to take video of the chariot of Rato Machendranath.

We found out that the statue of the God Machhendranath would be placed on the chariot on Mother's day.

After talking to people and taking video, we went back to the art gallery. 


Everyone was busy making artwork and we also drew until it was time and we packed up.


We then clicked some group pictures, formed made a line and came back to school. 

In conclusion, the day was very pleasant and enjoyable.

We made peanut butter
by Nidhi Baral

On 12 April we made peanut butter at school. All of us, including the teachers, love peanut butter, whether it is on bread, or even if it is eating right off the food processor while hot, everyone is very fond of it.

First, we made groups to make the peanut butter.

Then, we looked that the peanuts and separated the rotten peanuts and roasted it in the oven. In order to not burn it, we kept shifting it. While the peanuts were roasting, we watched several videos on how to make peanut butter.

The basic technique was the same and each  video we saw everyone had their own different ingredient to make it more special. Some used sugar, some molasses, and some honey. One lay even used nectar.


After that, we separated the cover, or the husk, from the peanut. That took some time. Once ready, we put the peanut, now clean and roasted in the mixer to grind. We added half a tea spoon of salt, and 3 tablespoons sugar and 2 spoons of oil.

We wanted creamy peanut butter, therefore, to make it more creamy, we grinded it for a little more time. Then we all tasted it, the movement had made the fresh peanut butter hot, which was delicious!

Then we kept packed the peanut butter in different jars and cleaned up the table and packed up the ingredients and the grinder.


The day, as well as the peanut butter, was great and everyone enjoyed it.


Thursday, April 12, 2018

Patan Durbar Square
A World Heritage Site
by Nidhi Baral

On the 11th of April we went on a trip to the Patan Museum. We left at about 12 o’clock. We made a double partner line and went there walking.

We went there as a part of our curriculum in the seven wonders of Kathmandu, or the world heritage sites. 

Patan Museum is one of the most beautiful sites with many old inscriptions and artwork. A few days ago, we had gone to Pashupatinath, also a heritage site.

Heeeey, that's me!

Pashupati has an old Brahma sculpture going back to the third century AD. 

Patan Durbar Square featured the work of mostly seventeenth century while there were some samples going back to the thirteenth.


After we reached there, we took many pictures. There were many old art pieces, statues, thrones, weapons and clear descriptions of each.

We sat among the trees, in the nature, at peace, and started drawing what we found most interesting. There were inscriptions in stone which dated way back. 


On the other side they were renovating the buildings, hence we were not allowed to go there. We saw a lot of temples as well.


After we made the drawings, we clicked some group pictures. The fact that people save all those old pieces of art was very interesting.


On the way back, then we made a line, then we visited the other side of the museum, where there were many statues, figures of gods and a throne as well.


The statues, and all the art work were very exquisite. We were all very curious and while some of the statues were incoherent through age and damage, they still told us a lot about olden times. 

After our trip was over, on the way, we had kulfi, which was a favourite part of the trip for most of the children.


Overall, the trip was great and we all enjoyed every moment.