Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Rabbit Dissection

Utkrishta Mulmi

Yesterday we learned about the bunny. Our white bunny also died 2 days ago. So we dissected the bunny and gained knowledge. We gathered in the hall and prepared the equipment required for the dissection. Pallav sir first of all briefed us about the equipments in the dissection box. Then we learned about the parts of the bunny. We also learned that rodents have to keep chewing for them to survive because their teeth keep on growing and growing and if they don’t chew they die. Then he cut the bunny he told us that it is easier to cut the body by first cutting the fur off. After he cut the body open he said that since the bunny corpse was degenerated it will stink a little.But the bunny was stinking more than little as the body was not refrigerator for 2 days. Then he showed us the large intestine, small intestine, the liver, the kidneys. Then he showed us the diaphragm and said that the diaphragm separates the chest and the body. He cut the diaphragm open and he showed the lungs, heart and some type of black blood. Unfortunately since the body was degenerated we could not go to the details of the body. So then we threw all the organs and the body away since we did not need it and then we drew a picture of rabbits from the internet. 

Cockroach Physiology

Yesterday we had an art class and we were asked to draw a cockroach and learn about its parts. First we had to catch a cockroach Palistha mam, nanu and I tried to put a cockroach on a piece of paper because we thought it was dead but on the way to taking it to the classroom it was moving its legs trying to get up but it failed and we knew it was alive but we still brought it upstairs. We kept it flipped because we did not want it to run away so we drew its upside down but we couldn’t draw it’s upper body. I had to draw it and research about it. I could not find its scientific name because there were a variety of species of cockroaches like periplanneta Americana etc. Since we were also trying to teach the kids about the cockroaches so mam just told them about the head, antenna, legs and other body parts of the cockroach. Then Bhagwati mam tried to flip it and make it not run away and it worked! It stayed like that for a while till bishesh and amulya poked it with their pencils then it started to run away and everybody shouted and ran away and Bhagwati mam caught it in another sheet of paper and squished it to make sure it was dead. Then we could draw its upper body. Then the bigger kids had a class.

by Utkrishta Mulmi

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Bishesh’s birthday

While we were boxing the little kids came. Bishesh was wearing a daura surwal: it was his birthday. We set up the decorations and games for the birthday party. I was assigned to list the games for us to play and help Palistha ma’am cut paper for the cards. A big sheet of paper was for Babita and Smriti who were in-charge of making the birthday poster. 

In total, we had 10 games to play. Pallav sir, Vidheha, and Kalpana maám brought candles, lots of balloons, cakes for the birthday and we decorated the room. All the little kids came in and they were very cute and very happy.
Bishesh had been looking forward to the party for a week. He was 4 today. I was asked to start the games so I explained the rules. I was in charge of the music which was a lot of fun! We started with the hot potato game where we passed a balloon around and the kids won candy.

While playing the game, I had to make sure every child won something. If they had the balloons when the music ended they would win and everyone was laughing and had a lot of fun. Then we played musical chairs was a lot of fun. Then Pallav sir brought out the cake and prawns chips and juice and popcorn and candies for us to eat and enjoy.

After we played the games we had to say something good about Bishesh. Everyone said Bishesh was great to be around, he was kind and helpful and much more. Then I and Vidheha played the happy birthday song on the flute while everyone else sang. Amulya who is three really wanted it to be his birthday and he cried so we also played and sang the happy birthday song for him and he was very happy! 

We all sang out “He’s a jolly good fellow” and since the van was here, we had to leave. A great party for us all and a good birthday to Bishesh who was very shy and very happy! 

by Utkrishta Mulmi