Sunday, November 27, 2016

Flute Classes at Spiny Babbler

At Spiny Babbler, we have a flute class every morning. Our flute teacher Dhana sir comes every Monday and Friday, and the rest of the days we practice ourselves. We practice for nearly two hours a day. He teaches us to play flute to different Nepali songs. I have completed basic course of playing flute. I have also learned to play some rhymes and to play “Sa, Re, Ga” as well as “Asarai Maina Ma,” “Bhajo Khet,” “Fool Ko Akhama, “ “Ye Kancha,” etc. I have also learned to play National anthem of our country, “Sayau Thunga.”

We help each other by teaching each other and we enjoy a lot. We have performed in front of many people in different places and they have liked our performances.
by Shaswat Badal

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Chicken Dissection

Materials required
1)    Chicken
2)    Knife
3)    Chopper
4)    Chopping board
5)    Huge container
6)    Small container
7)    Hot water

·        We cut the head of the chicken.
·        When we chopped the chicken’s head, blood came out of it.
·        We drained out all the blood from the chicken.
·       We made two containers ready and put the chickens into it.
·     Sabita didi boiled some water and poured it in the container where chicken was put.
·        We put the head in another container.
·     Abin plucked the feathers from the head while Utkrishta, Shaswat, Neeva, Kusma, Susmita and I plucked out the feathers from the chicken’s body.
·       We dissected the body of the chicken.
·        Pallav sir cut the body into half.
·        We saw all the organs of the chicken.
·        Pallav sir told us to bring a small bowl from the kitchen.
·        We threw all the internal part from chicken.
·        Pallav sir cut all the bones.

We saw heart, lungs, brain, tongue, liver, brain, stomach, ribs, bones, small intestine, big intestine, gall bladder and kidney inside the chicken when Pallav sir cut it into half.

Friday, November 18, 2016


We have boxing classes every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. We are coached by Deepak Maharjan, the only international gold medalist of Nepal. The boxing class starts at 8:00 o’clock in the morning and ends at 9:30. I love boxing. I just got a new pair of boxing bandages last Thursday. They protect our bones from the cracks that are caused while boxing. In the boxing class we also do exercise like pushups and squats. We know many basic moves that are used in boxing.

In the class, first of all we all do warm up exercise. Then we start practicing boxing moves. After one hour of boxing moves we hit the pad wearing the boxing gloves. Then we end the class by the cool down exercise. My favorite part of the boxing class is when I hit the pad. I loved it when I hit the pad for the first time.

by Nitya Poudel