Friday, January 27, 2017

Under the bushes and through the tree

Baba, Mamu, small Prathamesh dada, Prathira di, and the older Utu dada, Abin dada, Sushmita didi, Neeva didi, Nitya dada, Shaswat dada, Abheek dada... who else was there? We went to the temples, there were lots of jungles, baba showed me lots and lots of stones where he said people had been buried, there were thorny bushes under which we small ones Vidheha, Prathamesh, Prathira could go but the older dadas and didis could not. Before that we went down and under the monkey bush path several times. I was not afraid. I got stuck in one place but I came out all by myself. We had to climb uphill where there was dust and also achi of monkeys, dogs, and people. This place is called Pashupati.

We played a game, in which we had to go through a hole in a tree. I was the first to go through the tree. It was a lot of fun. I went in and out of the hollow four times. Prathamesh and Prathira di also went and so did everyone else. Shaswat da could not go as he was too big.

We went to more temples and under another tree and everyone played the flute. Many people came to see us and we also played some more.

I like to go hiking. I have been hiking to many places!

told by Vidheha to Pallav

Going through the Pasupatinath graveyard

After we arrived at the gate of Pasupatinath, we went inside and looked at some paintings, fossils and a necklace made from rudraksha. We found a small gate which led to a forest which was used as a graveyard or a cemetery. As soon as we entered the graveyard, we saw trash thrown all around the path. That made me sad because instead of respecting the people who died, they littered the beautiful forest and made it look very messy. 

After that we hiked up a hill where we saw a lot of gravestones. Some of the gravestones looked obvious that they were graves but some were very unexpected. They looked just like regular stones but Pallav sir said that they were gravestones. We also saw a huge cemented stone that had a lot of tika on it. 

Then we climbed another big hill and found a metal fence which was also a grave. Abin went first with Abheek. Then we followed them. At last we reached the top of the hill, and waited for the smaller kids to come since they came through another way.