Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Cockroach Physiology

Yesterday we had an art class and we were asked to draw a cockroach and learn about its parts. First we had to catch a cockroach Palistha mam, nanu and I tried to put a cockroach on a piece of paper because we thought it was dead but on the way to taking it to the classroom it was moving its legs trying to get up but it failed and we knew it was alive but we still brought it upstairs. We kept it flipped because we did not want it to run away so we drew its upside down but we couldn’t draw it’s upper body. I had to draw it and research about it. I could not find its scientific name because there were a variety of species of cockroaches like periplanneta Americana etc. Since we were also trying to teach the kids about the cockroaches so mam just told them about the head, antenna, legs and other body parts of the cockroach. Then Bhagwati mam tried to flip it and make it not run away and it worked! It stayed like that for a while till bishesh and amulya poked it with their pencils then it started to run away and everybody shouted and ran away and Bhagwati mam caught it in another sheet of paper and squished it to make sure it was dead. Then we could draw its upper body. Then the bigger kids had a class.

by Utkrishta Mulmi

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