Monday, February 19, 2018

Godavari Adventures
by Megshaa Gurung
23 January 2018

We went to hiking in Godavari. We reached Paanch Dhara first and played in the freezing waters of the pond and took photos. There were so many fish! I wanted to catch them, but they swam away from me quickly. We all were very excited. It was a heap load of fun!

After we played, then it was time for a visit to the botanical gardens. We bought the tickets and bought cotton candy which everyone loved. We saw beautiful and colourful flowers. We were walking along the paths and loving the plants and the greenery when someone called us and told us that we had to pay extra to take photos of ourselves, how silly!

There were lots of thorns, so we should be careful. Everywhere we go we find lapsi hog plums and we collected many, I think the price of the entry tickets was made up that way.

There was a waterfall. We saw few actors dancing. They were making a movie. We watched them for a bit and it was a lot more boring than watching an actual movie. We again started to walk. We saw a big fountain. The water got all over my body and I was wet! It was winter still and still I loved it. I don’t think my mother will be happy if she finds out though.

Next we went off to a house filled with cacti. Of course, Amulya had to fall on one of the plants and get a million little thorns all over his shoulders! He was very brave though.

Then we went into two greenhouses full of flowers. After we saw the lovely lovely plants, we found a place to rest. We rested there for some minutes. We climbed up the rocks and that was very adventurous and a bit scary as well.

It was time to go home now so we packed all our things and we went back to the van.

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