Monday, December 25, 2017

Alien Invasion SUM 1
By Utkrishta Mulmi
Directed and written by Christian Pasquariell; Starring Iwan Rheon, André M. Hennicke, Reiner Weiner, Zoe Grisedale, Niels-Bruno Schmidt; Runtime 93 minutes.

We watched a pretty scary movie called “Alien Invasion SUM 1.” The movie was so scary that it made Eena sleep. She is silly and the fact that she slept proves it. Even though the movies was scary, it was great and I hope you enjoy reading this review. 

I felt like it was more interesting. It was about aliens Nonesuch attack earth and everyone has to evacuate and go down underground and only soldiers come on the surface. A soldier whose name is SUM 1 comes on the surface to a watchtower to replace another soldier who was evacuated.

The movie shows the same images often (putting Eena to sleep) but manages to keep them interesting. He finds a white mouse and names it Doc and talks to him like it is a person. 

The story gets more and more scary as he finds out that he is not alone. He tries to approach a neighbouring tower to learn more. The neighbour ignores him and he cannot get closer because he has an implant that does not allow him to go beyond a certain radius.

This is where Eena is up again.

However, the neighbour later gets in contact with him and he tells him a story about the Nonesuch and says it can emit sounds that make your ears bleed and mind go crazy leaving victims screaming and very disturbed. 

He says, his friend cut off his own ears because he cannot suffer the sound. SUM 1 has to be on duty, solitary, for 100 days however, he starts seeing and believing that the stories that he has been told are all false and there are no aliens. There is something very wrong going on.

He decides to break the defence circle believing that there are no nonesuch. However, he finds out that nonesuch are for real. He hides in the neighbouring tower and that is where the movie leaves us. 

We do not know if SUM 1 gets eaten or if he manages to kill the alien. I’d give the movie a solid 10/10 even though it gave me da chills right dauwn me spine.

Eena would give the movie 9/10. The minus 1 is because it sent her to sleep. The 9 is because she had never stayed up so late watching movies.

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