Sunday, December 24, 2017

Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes
A Book Review by Vidheha Ranjan

Utu's feet have ten toes, yes! And what did he do to his socks? We are sure his mum will be smiling.

When I was so so small, I had a happy birthday. I became two years old, I am told. For my birthday I was given a book by Baba and Mamu. Baba read it out to me. I enjoy reading with my Baba.

Now I can read the book on my own. I am four years old.

In a town there is a baby, the baby grows in a house. The baby has a mother. There is the Himal. There is so much water. There is a street colored red. There are green rocks and black rocks. Another baby comes and grows with her mother.

Both babies play with their toes and their fingers. One goes walking and the other shows us her fingers and goes, “Ten little fingers and ten little toes.”

Now there are three babies, the new one is in the town and there is another one yet. All so far are in a town. They show us ten little fingers and ten little toes.

The babies are growing. The four are together. Two of them are growing up together and they are friends. They are hugging in a sleeping bag. The other two are in another town. They are so cute.

The babies are of different color. One is black and has black hair. Another one is white and her hair is white. Then there is one that has very small eyes with black hair and white skin. The other one has orange hair.

They show us their ten little fingers and ten little toes.

In a picture we see another baby and there are sheep and sheep and sheep and sheep and sheep. There is grass and grass and grass and grass. On another page is a baby taking medicine. The baby is wearing striped pajamas. He is on his knees.

The baby has a runny nose. One baby is wiping her friend’s nose. Four babies are watching the two babies.

Now the babies are playing in a playpen. They are showing ten little fingers. Now they are lying down and showing their ten toes. The babies are enjoying the game. There is a toy dog and there is a toy duck.

Here is another little baby who is born on the ice. It is snowing and there is a little penguin. There are mountains. Baby is wearing gloves and scarf because it is so cold.

There is a new baby and three chickens and the baby is watching the chickens. It is sunny and the baby lives and grows in the tent. I like the ice and the tent.

There are eight babies in total now. Two babies are playing with the scarf. Others are sitting on the stairs and watching them.

The babies are now playing on the swings. The ice baby is showing his hands. The brown baby is showing his feet.

One baby is on mother’s lap and the mother is on the couch. The couch is red.

There are eight babies now. Wait a minute ok. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven… yes eight.

They are standing in a line and they are looking at the new baby. The baby is not wearing clothes. The baby is sitting on the mother’s lap and mother is sitting on the couch.

And the baby has ten little fingers. The mother is giving baby a bath and playing with the baby. She is tickling her feet. The baby has ten little toes.

Now the eight babies are playing and laughing and smiling and mother is kissing the baby on the tip of his nose.

I liked this story book. This is the ten little fingers and ten little toes book. I liked the whole book. I liked the artwork. The baby with the runny nose and eight babies laughing and hugging like this [hugs Baba 😄] are my favorite.

Can you now write 0 to say the story is finished?

- 0 -


I got a smiley face! 🌝

Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes
by Mem Fox, artwork by Helen Oxenbury, is an amazing book if you wish to share it with your child or even if you want to read it yourself.

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