Saturday, July 14, 2018

Ice lollies
10 July 2018, Tuesday
by Shila Shrestha

We are making ice lollies at school. It’s summer now and perfect for swimming and eating ice lollies. The week before we had made ice lollies using tang juice mix and water. We had added some sugar as well and that was a lot of fun.

At our school, we do things differently as well. After making ice lollies with juice, we decided now we would try something natural. We had gone to Dhading camping and we had seen litchi, mango and jackfruit trees. So imagine how excited we were when we got deliveries of litchi from the same trees and got to eat them.

Next, we received a big sack full of fresh ripe mangoes from the same trees that we had seen. We ate some mangoes but they were ripe and we could not eat all of them! So what were we going to do? We could not let the mangoes go to waste! So we had an idea.


We had lot of mango that is so tasty. We were ready to make ice lollies. We would make some not putting sugar and we would make some with sugar. We had peeled the mangoes and we had squeezed them so that we had a puree of mango. This puree, we separated into two pots, one for the sugar mix and one without any sugar.

We added sugar and mixed turn by turn. We liked this mango. The containers were so rich and yellow and beautiful to look at. Because we had maldaha mango which is supposed to be the king of mangoes, the smell was also amazing.

Mango fruit ice lollies are so good for health and it is great that we are making them at school. We are not using ice cream from outside shops or any chemicals because that is not good for health. We do not need to put different colors or put medicine as that is not good for kids and big people either.

The fruit is good and also sweet so we are not putting a lot of sugar. I think we will love these ice sticks. We put our mix into the molds of different shapes and we put the ice lollies in the fridge. We had made a lot of ice lollies and still had half a pot of the mix left.

The next day we saw the ice lollies were frozen and we took them out, left them out so the sides would not stick and we ate them during snack time. Each of us got to eat two pieces each. The ice lollies were very good and good for health as well. We loved the taste of the mango mix that we had tried while we were preparing the ice sticks.

As we love ice lollies we are making next week milk ice lollies and also custard ice lollies in milk. Both are good for us because milk is good for kids’ health and for big people also.

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