Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The caterpillar ecosystem
9 July 2018, Monday
by Shila Shrestha

Every year, during the summer, we create ecosystems for different animals such as butterflies, frogs, praying mantis, snails so we can learn about their worlds.

Today we collected caterpillars and put them in our ecosystem bowl that we use every year. I had learned that more than 50 butterflies and more than 50 frogs have been born in this bowl!

There are lots of  caterpillars on our walls now and on different plants around the school area. We used to only do black caterpillars but their cocoons were not interesting so this time we found different types of caterpillars that would make different types of cocoons.

Anita didi brought the ecosystem bowl downstairs. We put some sand, twigs and leaves in the bowl for the caterpillar to live. Anita didi put some caterpillars in the bowl but we took out the caterpillars that were too small and also caterpillars that were of same species.

Suprit found a caterpillar but it was too small so we put it back where it was. I found a medium sized caterpillar. Pallav sir found a big caterpillar under the long gourd leaf. I like collecting caterpillars and I know I will love watching them grow.

But the end of the hour, we had five different species of caterpillars. So we got cellophane wrap and closed the ecosystem. We poked holes on top so that air would circulate in our caterpillar ecosystem.

We also put a little bit of water in the ecosystem. Suprit made a fuss about touch earth and leaves and Pallav sir talked to him. We loved this class. We brought our ecosystem into the classroom and put in the center of the round table. Bishes stayed in school because yesterday was overnight and also Terry’s English class.

Aarambha, Snigdha, Amulya, Utkrishta dai and Prabir dai went home. This class was so interesting and fun. We will take good care of this caterpillar ecosystem. Well, within one day, the caterpillar had finished their food and had to put new food in. We had put a little bit of water but it was too much so we had to add dry soil.

A day later, we saw one caterpillar had made a cocoon and the next day another caterpillar had made a different cocoon! We are so happy because we have two cocoons now and one caterpillar has made a different type of white cocoon, I think that is the black caterpillar. We are watching the ecosystem every day because leaves can get dirty and we add a little water.

One of our cocoons is white in color and other cocoon is brown and water colored. There is a new cocoon now but it is hidden under a leaf. The brown and water color is good because that is different caterpillar. Last year, at school we had are moths that were black and brown with spots. We like this class. The caterpillars will change into butterflies or moths.

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