Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Lemon and avocado growth

3 September 2018, MondayBy Anita Bhattarai

Two months ago, we planted 50 lemon plants in our school. Now, the lemons are healthy and is growing fairly big.

I am responsible for watering the plants everyday. We are very happy that there are 63 healthy lemon plants, altogether in our school.

We are going to keep on planting more and more lemons until we reach our goal of planting and growing 100 healthy lemon plants.

We have also planted 4 avocados. They are very healthy for human beings and is quite expensive to buy.

We had planted avocados before and they were grown nicely by Utu. We ended up sending them to Dhading, for growing them in big farms.

This time, we have planted different kinds of avocado seeds. Some were long and some were circular.

Some days before, one of the avocado plant died, but the rest are about 12 inches long and growing healthy.

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