Monday, September 3, 2018

Terry, Our Wonderful Teacher
A blog by Utkrishta Mulmi, Anita Bhatarai, Sanket Shrestha & Shila Shrestha

Utkrishta’s part:

About 2 years ago, Pallav sir told us that a visitor from the U.S.A was coming to Nepal and she would be teaching us English for her stay. The day she was coming, we quickly finished a big poster card and some greeting cards for her. She came; she was a nice old woman. We greeted her and gave her our greeting cards. She gleamed with happiness when we hugged her.

She gave us a little introduction. She said her name was Terry Miller. She has a son and a daughter, and their names were Woody and Amy. She lives in Maryland. She is 68 years old. We all introduced ourselves as well.

She told us that we were going to play a game called Grandma’s trunk. It was a story-telling game where everybody adds something to the story. We gave her a tour of the school. We showed her the animals we were raising at the time.

We had 2 rabbits, 4 chickens, 2 ducks and a caterpillar, of which we were studying and examining the caterpillar ecosystem. It was very sad when she left, but we still have classes with her through Skype and she has been teaching us ever since.

By Anita:

In Terry’s class, we have lots of fun learning grammar and English. Sometimes she gets busy, so we do not have her class sometimes. She was able to come this Monday though. We spent the class playing games and singing songs because we hadn’t seen her for 3 weeks.

We were so happy to have her class again. I think she was on a different room than the one we would normally take her class. We had fun singing songs; we sang Five Hundred miles, Country Roads, Raindrops, What a wonderful world, Clementine, Don’t worry be happy and other such songs.

We also practiced a bit of nouns, proper nouns, adjectives, singular and plural and pronouns. These are very interesting in English. Utu suggested a game called Pictionary. It is a game where a person draws a picture and the other people guesses it. We had a few of rounds and had tons of fun. While we were saying goodbye, we kissed her a lot of times.

By Shila:

We all love Terry's class. It happens on Mondays, Terry is online on Skype and teaches us. Not all the students here are Terry's students. Utu dada, Bishesh, Sanket, Vidheha, Suprit, Anita didi and I  are the ones to take Terry's class. 

On the class, we are doing so many fun things together. She teaches us so many things, which we never knew of. That is why, it is always interesting and we are eagerly waiting for her class. We do art, play games, sing songs, and learn new things. We also get homeworks and she checks it and provides us with feedbacks and comments. We are happy that we get to meet her and learn from her. Terry is also happy to teach us.

By Sanket:

Terry ma'am lives in Maryland. She teaches English to us; we have learned nouns, pronouns, adjectives and many others till now. Not all the students are in Terry ma'am's class. Me, Anita, Utuh, Shila, Suprit, Vidheha and Bishesh are in her class. We have Skype classes with her on every Monday. She comes online in 6:30 pm and our classes starts. 

We also get homeworks from Terry ma'am. I like doing her homeworks because it is different and fun to do. She sends us homeworks and exam questions in Google forms. Google forms has made our learning easy. We used to type our homeworks and send it to her. But now, we take tests and send homeworks to her on Google forms. We are learning new things everytime.

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