Sunday, September 23, 2018

The sound of music

The movie review
By Anita Bhattarai

Directed by Robert Wise; Produced by Robert wise; Written by Maria Von Trapp; Runtime 175 minutes; Based on "The Sound of Music" book.

We watched a very interesting movie called “The Sound of Music”. It is about a girl, who lived in an abbey, who was sent to be a governess of seven children of the Von Trapp family, for the lack of discipline, by the Mother Abbesses. Once she gets there, she finds that the children’s father treated them with the most harshly enforced discipline. After teaching the kids how to sing, Captain Georg Von Trapp wanted to send her back but after listening to their singing he changes his mind. Hearing their singing, Max who was accompanying the Baroness said that they should enter a singing festival, but was denied by Captain saying his family’s singing is not for the public show. But he still threw a party with his family singing. While the party happened Maria and Captain had a waltz dance in which both of them started getting feelings for each other. The baroness being jealous told Maria that she should marry him. Hearing this she ran away back to the abbey but quickly returned when Mother Abbesses told her to never hide her feelings. After coming back she married Captain and went on a honeymoon. While they were at their honeymoon, Max signed the Von Trapp family for public singing. Trapp denied Max again saying they had to run away from Austria because he was summoned  to serve in the navy. However, they sang in public and then got away from Austria to the mountains of Switzerland. My favorite part of the movie was when Maria came back to the Von Trapp family. Overall I loved this movie and hope we watch it again.

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