Sunday, September 9, 2018

Terry’s Doll

By Anita Bhattarai

We have a very caring and helpful teacher who teaches us English, on every Monday evening, on Skype. Her name is Terry Miller.

I love making dolls. I have made three dolls till now for our teacher. The dolls looks like her and I have even sent her the pictures of it on her birthday.

The latest doll that I made for her is very nice which has two sides: front and back. On one side, she is sleeping, and on another, she is awake.

I love playing with these dolls. Sometimes I pretend and think it is my baby.

I have also created a lots of clothes for the dolls to wear, and dishes for the dolls. I love making dresses for my dollies.

I cut cloth into different shapes and i put it around the dollies.

When Terry ma’am visits Nepal again, we are going to give all the dolls to her as her birthday gifts from us.

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