Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Chicken Dissection

Materials required
1)    Chicken
2)    Knife
3)    Chopper
4)    Chopping board
5)    Huge container
6)    Small container
7)    Hot water

·        We cut the head of the chicken.
·        When we chopped the chicken’s head, blood came out of it.
·        We drained out all the blood from the chicken.
·       We made two containers ready and put the chickens into it.
·     Sabita didi boiled some water and poured it in the container where chicken was put.
·        We put the head in another container.
·     Abin plucked the feathers from the head while Utkrishta, Shaswat, Neeva, Kusma, Susmita and I plucked out the feathers from the chicken’s body.
·       We dissected the body of the chicken.
·        Pallav sir cut the body into half.
·        We saw all the organs of the chicken.
·        Pallav sir told us to bring a small bowl from the kitchen.
·        We threw all the internal part from chicken.
·        Pallav sir cut all the bones.

We saw heart, lungs, brain, tongue, liver, brain, stomach, ribs, bones, small intestine, big intestine, gall bladder and kidney inside the chicken when Pallav sir cut it into half.

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