Friday, November 18, 2016

Making a place for strawberries

Today we did some gardening. Pallav sir told us to move the strawberries to the balcony in the first floor so that our animals couldn’t eat them. The scientific name of strawberries is Fragaira x Ananassa.

We had the strawberries in the garden where they could grow better in the ground but the rabbits and chickens were eating the strawberry patch. Even though we put a small barrier around the patch, the bunnies could still squeeze through it. We went through a lot of trouble so now we have moved the plants to the balcony where they can grow properly. Abin and I did the plucking and put them in a pot and Nitya and Bidhan sir helped us carry the pots to the first floor.

First, we collected the tools we needed to dig the strawberries. They were two digging tools (kuto) and a plucking tool. I took the plucking tool and Abin took a kuto and we poked them into the ground many times. Then we plucked the plants from their roots and put them in our pots along with the soil. We also got some earthworms, which were difficult to pick up because they kept on wriggling, and put them in the pot. After we were done, we put the pots in the balcony where the Sun's rays could reach them. Bidhan sir took some pictures of me and the strawberry plants.

by Utkrishta Mulmi

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