Sunday, November 27, 2016

Flute Classes at Spiny Babbler

At Spiny Babbler, we have a flute class every morning. Our flute teacher Dhana sir comes every Monday and Friday, and the rest of the days we practice ourselves. We practice for nearly two hours a day. He teaches us to play flute to different Nepali songs. I have completed basic course of playing flute. I have also learned to play some rhymes and to play “Sa, Re, Ga” as well as “Asarai Maina Ma,” “Bhajo Khet,” “Fool Ko Akhama, “ “Ye Kancha,” etc. I have also learned to play National anthem of our country, “Sayau Thunga.”

We help each other by teaching each other and we enjoy a lot. We have performed in front of many people in different places and they have liked our performances.
by Shaswat Badal

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