Thursday, November 17, 2016

Dr. Jonathan Reisman's visit

We had been preparing for a man named Jonathan Reisman to arrive at Spiny Babbler. He came from New Jersey, USA. He is a doctor with MDs in pediatrics and internal medicine. He was a very relaxed person. His wife’s name is Anna. He came to Nepal to treat people in Manang in a clinic. All the people in Manang go mountaineering and get injured so he went to Manang to help them. 

Pallav sir, Kusma, Vidheha and I went to pick Jonathan up near Patan Dhoka. While pallav sir was waiting for Jonathan me, Kusma and Vidheha went to the book shop and read some books. After Pallav sir spotted Jonathan he called us and we went to school. Pallav sir thought that Jonathan was going to be an old guy but he was about 30 years old.

When we got back to school everything was ready. We sat down and he introduced himself and he told us lots of things. He told us he was here 8 years ago for a week and he wanted to come to Nepal again to see the mountains and help people there. He said that he was an unemployed doctor so he was free and could go wherever he wanted. After he told us about himself we introduced ourselves and gave him the cards we had made for him. The cards showed the different activities we do at our school. He said they were very good, and we also showed him the sparrow skeleton that pallav sir found while walking on the road. After that we made mo:mos. Everyone from Spiny Babbler knew how to make mo:mos and we also taught Jonathan how to make them. We also played flutes and danced.
September 15, 2016

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