Thursday, April 13, 2017

Asha Bhawan teach us about the effects of drugs

Last Wednesday two people from a non-governmental organization named “Asha Bhawan” visited our school. They told us that they were from Pokhara and are working to free Nepal from the harmful effects of drugs. They taught us many things about consumption of drugs and other harmful things like alcohol, cigarette. It does nothing good to our health but only makes us unhealthy. They encouraged us to teach people who consume harmful drugs that they should never consume drugs. And if they don’t listen to us then we should ignore their company and stay away from them. As if we start to become friends with them then they might influence us with their wrong influence and we might also start consuming drugs. They aslo told us that if a man starts consuming drugs it would be very difficult for him to stop consuming it. When they become addict, they  need drugs anyhow so they can also kill someone just to get what they want. So, if we happen to meet anyone who consumes drugs then without any delay we should inform their family and should advice them to take him to Asha Bhawan. There are many success stories of people who have visited Asha Bhawan as drug addicts and came outside as a normal people. And they have been living a happy life after the treatment.  After giving us this much knowledge they bid us goodbye and went away. They gave us their card. There were many things written in the card like: who are we, how the people changed physically and socially. 

by Nitya Poudel and Kusma Gongba

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