Sunday, April 16, 2017

Performing National Anthem at Labim Mall

BY Abin Rai
14 December, 2016
At five o’clock we reached the Labim Mall. We were in the ground floor. It was my first time so I was so excited to see all the shops, people and food places there. Then we reached for the elevator and we went to the fifth  floor where there were the film halls.  The  movie show  had just ended so the cleaners were cleaning the halls. There were many halls; hall 1, hall 2 and hall 3. Then we went inside the hall to play our National Anthem in flute. Before that we went to another room and sat on the chair till the host called us to play our flute. After a while we were called in to perform. Then we took our positions and did our performance. It went well. Then we got back to our respective seats. We watched the advertisement of Pahuch. After watching the advertisement, the host informed that we are going to watch the first episode of Pahuch over here. The first episode started after a while. At the starting we saw the contestant in a park called of the show being divided into 2 groups. There was a policeman who divided the group. Then they were given their dead bodies to inspect. The Policeman said to inspect the bodies turn by turn. First team A went to inspect their body. Their dead body was of an old woman. Then the contestants wear searching for them. Then the contestants saw a boy and asked him different questions. The boy’s name was Govinda Bhandari and he was one to inform the Police. He said that he always comes to ranibari to refresh himself. He saw those dead bodies when he was having a walk in that place. There were some bottles of beer and other things near that place. They had to do things in a hurry as they had only 30 minutes. They tied police tape around and took all the information they found. They wrote the information. After some time their time was up.  Then it was the time for another group. They also did the same thing . In their turn they found some girls and asked the girls about the dead body. The girls did not answer as they were scared with the police. The contestants of that group were better than the other group. After some time their time was over. Then we watched some videos people who won the video taking contest. We watched half of those videos and returned back to our hostel at Spiny Babbler.

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