Thursday, December 1, 2016

Genius Week: Nitya Poudel

Feeling nervous and excited I wake up at 6 o’clock. It’s beautiful sunny morning, 9 March 2016. I chose to wear a blue coat, blue pants and, again, a blue tie set against a blue shirt. Oh! I think I look pretty handsome in formal clothes, I should do this more often. I am dressed for school and eat breakfast. Now it’s time to rush to school.
Thank God I am on time. 8 o’clock. “Goodbye Baba, see you at the program”.
I enter the gate. “Good morning, Pallav sir”. Pallav sir’s first words to me, “You look handsome.” I feel so happy. But I would look better if I take off the tie, I think.
I climb upstairs to look for my friend and mathematics presentation partner Pukar. We discuss our presentation. I see students from other schools arriving. It’s 10:30 and the program is about to start in a half hour. I am getting nervous. I go downstairs and see that everyone has settled down on chairs. As if on air, I am going upstage, and many people are watching me.
I shiver as I see my parents in the audience. I start blowing my flute along with my friends, Utkrishta, Abiksha and Shaswat. I think I and my friends blew the flute beautifully and I hear audience clapping. They encourage us. Soon everyone is standing as Abiksha plays the National Anthem and I am back in the audience.
I hear my name called up again, I try to calm myself down as I climb up to the stage. I am scared. Will I be able to perform in front of so many people? I gather courage and start my presentation on mathematics. I am telling the listeners about the history of mathematics. I am surprised that I am not feeling nervous any more and now feel that I can finish my presentation calmly. I am glad the audience is having a good time, I feel happy my presentation is going well and no one will throw vegetables or shoes at me. Time for addition. I and Pukar are asking each other random questions on addition. Then come subtraction, multiplication, algebraic expressions.

The presentation goes well. I feel a little sad when I have to step down. I feel that I could have kept the audience entertained with mathematics quite a while longer! Thanks Pukar, my father and mother, and my teachers for making this happen. Now it is time for me to listen to others.

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