Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Chicken dissection

By Utkrishta Mulmi

Yesterday we had a chicken dissection class after our parrot physiology. Our rooster had become very violent and was kicking Amulya, Bishesh, and Bishesh’s mom. So, we decided to kill it and then dissected it. First we got the rooster and the chopper and a log for chopping its head off. After Pallav sir chopped its head off we dipped it in hot water. It was moving a lot while we put it in the pot then we made every kid hold the head and took pictures. Then Pallav sir, Sabita didi and I plucked its feathers out from the body and put it in a plastic bag. We were keeping the feathers for bookmarks. Then we sent the head and the body to Sabita didi to heat it to remove the hairs from the body. After that we brought it back to cut it. Pallav sir started by cutting the legs, he broke the legs and gave it to us to take pictures holding it then we got to see its muscles and its fat. Then Pallav sir cut through the belly to show us the intestines and liver, kidneys which were very big, spleen, and gall bladder, and the big stomach. Then he cut through the diaphragm, and saw the heart, lungs, and the oesophagus. Pallav sir told us that since the chickens don’t have teeth to chew they swallow stones to crush the food into pieces. Then we separated the edible and non-edible parts of the chicken and gave the edible parts for cooking and threw the non-edible parts including all the blood that was there.

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