Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Meet Tara!

Meet Tara!
By Utkrishta Mulmi

It was a normal day, we were having our nepali class. Suddenly there was somebody at the door knocking. We all turned to the door. A lady with a curly hair, tall, fair was standing with a smile on her face. She entered the class and introduced herself. Her name is Tara. She is from Germany. From her university , it was a requirement to go to a foreign country to study and she chose Nepal. She is good at art and she taught us art. Today we made an art on separate piece of paper and after a minute of drawing we had to pass it over to the person to the left and he/she had to add what they wanted to. We all got different colours to draw.  We could not use pencils.I got orange pencil colour and I was trying to draw a lady wearing orange dress but it became something very different.

This class was done to improve our teamwork and Tara ma’ am had also done this in her university. We passed the papers for 9 minutes till we got our paper back. Some of the papers I got to draw in looked like it did not need my colour. After we finished the drawings we went to have snacks. It was a very fun class and we are going to have more classes about art every day.

From Tara ma’am’s perspective

Mission: “creative teamwork art lesson“
·      First day for me, so start easy, to get connected.
·      Everybody get a plain sheet of paper and a colour (diffrent colour important!)
·      Everyone should draw what every they want on her/ his paper
·      After a minute everyone needs to give the paper to the next one and so on till everybody gets her/ his paper back
·      After this exercise you can see how  every kid’s drawings and what they drew.

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