Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Life cycles

By Utkrishta Mulmi

Yesterday we learned about three life cycles. We learned about caterpillar, frog and mosquito’s life cycles. Before we had learned about the caterpillar and the tadpole dissections but not of a mosquito dissection. But this time a mosquito had laid eggs in the tadpole’s water. And they were very tiny like dust particles. Some of the little kids could not even see them. First we learned about the frog and how it grows from a tadpole to a frog the life cycle of the frog had 4 stages. The stages were egg tadpole froglet and frog. The tadpoles we had had hind legs. Then we looked at the mosquitoes they also had 4 stages. The mosquito lays eggs in water instead of land which was interesting. The larva hatches from its egg and becomes a pupa then it turns into an adult. After learning about mosquitos we had to go out of the school and look for caterpillars we had to find them and put them in plastic cups with the help of sticks they were pretty hard to find and they kept on trying to escape so we got some leaves and covered the top of the cups. After we found a decent amount of caterpillars we went back in the school.  Then Pallav sir explained the life cycle of the caterpillar the larva hatches from its egg and becomes a pupa then it turns into an adult like the mosquito. Then we watched some videos about the life cycles of butterfly, mosquitos and frogs which we had downloaded.

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