Friday, December 9, 2016

About Photography

by Kusma Gongba
December 9, 2016

One week ago Pallav sir called me and Abin. When we went in front of him he gave us a nice camera. He said that the camera was gifted by Terry Miller who also takes our weekly English class. We would be taking photos with the camera. He said we were supposed to take care of the camera. Bidhan sir gave us batteries and taught us how to put it in the camera and how to charge them. He also taught us the functions of the camera.

Saanvi and Vidheha playing keyboard
Abin and I were told that we would be using the camera, learn to download the photos, and choose photos for the blogs that we write. Everywhere we go now we carry that camera so we can click nice photos of that place. In that camera there are many nice pictures clicked by Abin and me. Bidhan sir is teaching us how to use the camera. We have a special photography training whose name is Bipin who also teaches us how to use PhotoShop and choose photos. Ashmi maam will also show us how to arrange photos in folders.

I have also clicked many photos from that camera. Pallav sir told us we did good job. Our photos are now going to be on the internet so visitors like Terry and Jonathan and others can see our work. When we went to Jharuwarasi, we took a lot of photos. We went on a walk with Dr. Jonathan Reisman and Abin took a lot of photos. I took photos of boxing class and our science class. Bipin sir has told us to choose the best 25 photographs. Pallav sir said we should take photos every day. Utu, I, Abin and Shashwat when his camera is repaired will be documenting everything we do.

We will be taking photography class every day for a week. Photography is not only about taking photos, it is downloading, choosing the right pictures, cropping it, and using it in our blogs. Today we had class Periodic Table game for 2 hours and I took photos.

Here are the photos that I and Abin took during our trip to Jharuwarasi.


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