Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Learning to play football

Today we had a football match. My friends had also played yesterday but I had some work so I could not play in that match. I was really very excited. We are trained by Bidhan sir. At the starting of the training we practiced kicking. We were taught that we should hit the ball with the inside of the foot and not with our toes. We were doing shooting practice. Everyone hit the ball very nicely but many of them did not score.
After that we had the match. I was placed in Abin dada’s team. Our team had: Abin Dai, Abhik, Susmita, Shaswat and me. The opposite team had: Nitya dada, Utkrishta, Neeva, Aarshiya and Pukar. Our team was in lead from the beginning as we had better players then the other teams. The other team was also good. Aarshiya did not play long so the opposite team had a disadvantage. After 10 minutes we scored a goal so Bidhan sir gave our player Susmita to the other team. Then we played for a long time and tried to score another goal. The match was about to end when Shaswat passed me the ball and I scored a goal. The goal did not count because Shaswat had got the ball by pulling Nitya dada. I was sad. Then we again had shooting practice. After some time we returned back to our school to eat lunch. I hope that we learn football tricks everyday and be good at football.

by Kusma Gongba
28 December 2016, Wednesday

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