Thursday, December 8, 2016

Hike to Lele village

On 28 November, we went on a hike. We went to the location of the hike in a van. All of us had fun in the van but it was very congested. When we reached the place we got our bags and all the stuff we needed. After walking for some time, we came across a lapsi tree. Pallav sir told some of our friends to go and get some lapsi while Utkrishta and I followed him to a hill. He told us to climb that hill and we had a fun time doing so. After crossing the half way of the hill Pallav sir told me, Pukar and Abin to climb up the slope and see there if there is a way or not. We found a way and told Pallav sir that there is a way and we waited for them in the hill top. After everyone climbed the hill we found a place to rest. Pallav Sir told us that we were going to have lunch there. Before having lunch, we cleaned the area. We collected all the trash and put them in a bag to throw later. After that Sabita didi took the paper plates out and served us rotis and potatoes in the plates. I was very hungry and I love roti so I was first to finish eating lunch.

After everyone finshed eating we collected all the plates and put them in the trash bag. Then we began to come down from the hill. We reached a road and we saw many old women walking in the road carrying plants in a doko on their backs. One of them told us the way to get to the Manakamana temple in Lele. The way was easy but Pallav sir took us there from the adventurous part of the village. My friends and I went on but Bhagwati maam, Sabita didi and some of my friends were busy buying vegetables and fruits like pumpkin and squash. They told us that the generous villagers gave them many oranges as a gift. We came across a small river close to the village. Pallav sir asked us to see if there were any crabs in the river. Abin and Kusma caught a crab. The rest of us had also tried but we could not find any more crabs. Then we found a place where there were two small ponds (also called muhan in Nepali). After that we went to the van. It was parked close to a shop so we ate some snacks there. Bhagwati mam bought some cauliflower.

After we had snacks, we went to Manakamana temple of Lele. I was very tired so I climbed the stairs slowly. I was the last one to reach the temple. We took many pictures in the temple. When we were returning from the temple we saw a lake and Pallav sir asked us if we wanted to swim in the pond. We said no and went to the van. Then we went to Tika Bhairava. When we reached the place everyone except Pukar, Abin, Utkrishta and Bidhan Sir went to the Temple. After getting a call from Pallav sir Pukar, Abin and Utkrishta also came and worshipped the god. We clicked some photos and went to the van to return to our school. While returning, Abin and I walked with Bidhan sir from Jawlakhel Street because the van was going a different way to drop Sabita didi. This hike was the most interesting hike I have ever been to and I had a lot of fun on it.
by Nitya Poudel

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