Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Pahunch program

Introduction and Experience sharing 
by Kusma Gongba

We were invited to a program to blow our flute in Labim mall. The program was organized to celebrate the International Peace day and the launch of the production of the new reality TV game show named “Pahunch”. This game show was produced by Search for Common ground and was funded by UKAID. The program “Pahunch” was made as a bridge between the common people and the police so that the people can communicate freely with the police officer. This show intended to improve the relation between the public and the police officer.  We all were very excited about the program because we were invited for the opening ceremony of the show. We went to that program at around 4 p.m. We played our national anthem on our flute. Everybody in the hall stood up to respect the national anthem. I felt very proud that we were given opportunity to perform in front of such a big audience. We had to perform in two halls. There were Deputy Superintendent Police, Inspectors present in the program as chief guests. I was very nervous while performing in front of more than 200 people.
Our flute performance
Art by Kusma 

Full event 
by Nitya Poudel

We played our national anthem on flute. My parents were also invited to the program. I was the one to go and introduce us and our school to the audience. I was a little nervous in the first hall but I did a lot better in the second hall. We watched the first episode in the screen of the hall.

There was a screening of the first episode of Pahunch in the hall. In the game show, a real life like scenario was recreated. There had been two homicide cases in the place called Ranibari. The inspector briefed the contestants about the situation, how the police would analyze the homicide case and make the detail case report about the murder. There were 8 contestants. The contestants were from different walks of life; they were aspiring actors, ex maoist combatants, sportsperson etc. They introduced themselves. The Deputy Superintendent divided the contestants into two groups. The leader of the first group was Shanta Nepal and the leader of the second group was Gyan Bahadur Lama.

There was a time limit in the game. When the time started, the leader assigned their team members specific responsibility. The first group went near their dead body. After they reached there they put the crime scene tape all around the dead body. Then they investigated the dead body with the tools they had brought with them. One of the team members talked to the witnesses who had reported the case to the police and people near the crime scene. Another investigated the environment of the crime scene and next contestant wrote a detailed report on the murder scene. Some of them were angry with their team mates as they did not work as they were told. As they were investing the body their time was up. Then it was the turn of the second group. The second group did the same as the first group did. They put on the crime scene tape and they asked the people different things but there was unusual thing about this dead body. The man was not killed using neither a knife nor a weapon. The man was killed using a stone and some bottles of alcohol. The contestants got the man’s purse which had his identity card inside it.

After the episode ended the host invited all the participants of the Pahunch. Everybody shared their experience of Pahunch. They said that due to the show they were now aware about the duties of the police officer and had grown respect for the profession. They all were very excited about the launch of the program.

There had been a photography and videography contest for International peace day celebration. The host gifted the winners of the photography and videography contest and showed the photos and the videos that had won the competition. My school hostel friends left as it was already late but I stayed and watched the video with my mother. 

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