Friday, December 9, 2016

About Vidheha and her artwork

I've known Vidheha since I came to winter camp at Spiny Babbler. She was just a year old and was learning to walk when I first met her. When I joined the school, she had already learnt to talk. She even could draw some lines and some curves. She came to our classes to read some books and color some of the coloring books. As she grew older, she can write ABCs and 123s
She can draw some things like trees, animals, people and the things she liked and disliked. She loves playing trampoline and slide with her friends. She draws vegetables and fruits we grow at our school. She also sings nursery rhymes and Nepal songs. 
I liked three of her drawings the most so I will write about them. The first drawing is of a flute and a madal. I liked that picture because she drew it to tell that she loves to play both instruments. She can play the plastic recorder flute and is trying to play the bamboo transverse flute and also plays the madal.
The next drawing is of tad poles in a big pond.I liked this drawing because she made the tadpoles out of tear drop like shapes with eyes and mouths. She made a lot of them and she must have found it hard to draw. She drew it after we went hiking and on that hike we saw some tadpoles and a frog. The third drawing is of caterpillar. I liked that drawing because the drawing looked like some caterpillars eating some plants. She made the drawing after we collected a lot of caterpillars. One of them turned into a cocoon and then turned into a moth. 
All of her drawings were very wonderful so on her third birthday we exhibited Vidheha's artwork in the Nepal art council. We also played songs on flute and madal on her birthday.

By Utkrishta Mulmi

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