Friday, December 2, 2016

Genius Week: Neeva Poudel

In the event of the genius week many participants from different schools came to our school. They all presented on stage. One of the students and his friends from another school had recycled bottles, paper, and plastic spoons to make decorative items like Dharahara, and many other things for household work like broom, etc. The students gave speeches on many important topics. I really admired the speech given by the girl who talked about the social problems prevalent in our society.
My friends Shaswat and Abin presented on the topic of “Journey of Humankind”. The presentation was good. I learned many things about the development of mankind from the presentation. Utkrishta Dai and Abikshya also gave an interesting presentation. They said that there were 118 elements on earth. They talked about how the universe was created. I found it very fascinating. There were many dance performances and I loved them all. 2 year-old Vidheha sang rhymes with Kusma and Susmita. We had delicious sandwiches for lunch.

All the performances were so entertaining that I changed my seat many times to see the event clearly. There were some band performances and it was amazing to see children performing so well. One performer played “Asare mahina” in his flute. One girl named Republica solved many math sums. Two girls from our school, Kusma and Susmita sang a Tamang song. Then Utkrishta presented on the topic “Science and Technology”. After that was the final performance by my brother, Nitya and he presented on the topic “Art and Humanities”. Some people had come from different organizations so they shared some things about their organizations. Then all of the participants got their certificates. My brother and his friends were given the certificate by Kampoj Badal, Shaswat’s father. Then after the distribution of certificates the program came to an end.

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