Friday, January 13, 2017

Science and technology

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    Aquatic plants
by Sashwat Badal

It is a Wednesday: 30 March 2016.  I don’t know where I am, but this place is so beautiful and green.  I am here for an adventure. I climb up a hill, it is so slippery. I reach the top. Wow! looking down, I think I managed to climb up a cliff. I am proud of myself.  The view is so beautiful from out here. I am really enjoying myself. I don’t want to go back home. I don’t know how to get down. It's so scary. Hmm, let me slide down, this will be easy. Hey! This is fun! I have never had this kind of experience sliding down a hill. I am going down the hill now. I can see a small stream flowing by the roadside. It's so muddy. What is that? Aquatic plants which would be healthy food for the catfish at school. We find duckweed, algae, moss and other types of plants. We collect them. The catfish at school are not growing as fast as we had hoped, maybe with this good food, they will grow faster. Part of our lessons will be to identify the scientific names of these plants. I feel the algae strings, they are so slimy but in a clean way. Science is fun when we learn like this.

by Nitya Poudel

19 April, 2016. We studied the physiology of cockroach. We had done many kinds of experiments related to entomology, but this experiment was the best of all. Pallav Sir had caught a cockroach in the morning. In this experiment, we learned about the cockroach. First Shital ma’am told Utkrishta to draw a cockroach on the white board. Utkrishta drew half of it but he was called downstairs. Shital ma’am completed the drawing and we were tolds to make the drawing on our science experiment notebooks. After we drew the cockroach, we were asked to touch the cockroach and look at it carefully. Wow, I touched the cockroach without fear while my other friends felt very scared to touch it and there was much squealing going on. Terry was there and she helped Shital ma'am. It was very interesting to observe her reactions as she is older and here on a visit for a week. After doing the wasp, the hornet, bee, ant, beetle, butterfly, moth, dragonfly, we are understanding insects a lot more than before.
 Our animals
by Kusma Gongba

I love pets. In my school, there are eight chicken, seven ducks, twenty catfish and four bunnies. I love them all and love to play with them and I take care of them everyday morning, afternoon, and evening. We have four bunnies. Two are small, two are big. All are too cute for words. I love playing with bunnies. I feed them popcorn. They love eating popcorn. I also love eating popcorn. They also drink water. In the morning we clean their cages. We also give them seeds and cabbages and cauliflower leaves. They are so soft and warm. My photo was taken with bunnies. Click, click, and click. I love to be clicked. I think we look very cute together. I went out to buy the ducks when they were a day old. I also went out to buy chicken in Lagankhel and the bunnies in Panuati. We go out to buy their food, get the vegetables from the carts in the evenings and medicine when they are ill. Once when one of them had an eye problem, Pallav Sir and I put medicine and made it well. I hope that they will grow up and give us eggs and meat. I hope that they do not get out of their cages and eat the long gourd, spinach, chillies, squash, strawberries, pumpkin, eggplants that we have planted and cared for. They are lovely but they can be very naughty!

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