Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Movie Reviews

Ant Man

"Ant Man" is directed by Peyton Reed. Scott Lang (played by Paul Rudd) is a prisoner who has a friend by the name of Luis (another criminal) and a daughter named Cassie. After he is released from jail, Scott Lang strives to be a normal human being. In order to see his daughter again, he gets a job at Baskin Robin. When his boss finds out his true identity, Scott is immediately fired. He then ends up working with Luis and his sneaky, skilled, criminal friends. He commits a crime after he is told by his ex-wife not to go near his own daughter Cassie. He believes he has nothing more to lose. When he gets through the safe after hard obstacles, he only finds a suit. He learns it actually is Hank Pym’s, the legendary ANTMAN. He is taken in and becomes a new Antman after training. He tries to steal Yellowjacket, a suit with lasers and a similar shrinking ability to Antman. After heists and a failed attempt to steal the suit, Darren, the one who created the suit puts it on, and fights Scott. At the end, Scott is reunited with his ex-wife and daughter. The cast is Paul Rudd being Scott Lang a.k.a Antman. Michael Douglas played Hank Pym, the original Antman. Evangeline Lily is Hope Van Dyne, Hank Pym’s daughter. Corey Stoll is Darren Cross a.k.a Yellowjacket, the villain. Bobby Cannavale played Paxton, a cop and Scott's ex-wife's husband after Scott’s wife left him. Michael Pena is Luis. Tip "T.I" Harris plays Dave. Anthony Mackie played Sam Wilson a.k.a Falcon, who is really an Avenger, but fights Scott. Antman is not completely based on the comics as Hank Pym is the Antman in the comics; the movie takes place more in the future than in the comics. It is meant more as a comedy and a movie with enough action for a superhero movie, but more of a comedy.

The Fantastic Mr. Fox
According to Himkar Singh

Himkar thought the film Fantastic Mr. Fox was funny.It is one of Himkar's favorite movies.Himkar's favorite character in the movie is Mr. Fox, the main character of the story.His favorite scene was of Mr. Fox and Kyle infiltrating the chicken farm and stealing some for themselves and the family. In Himkar's opinion, the funniest character is Mr. Fox's son.The stupidest, most idiotic, and just dumbest character is Kyle, Mr. Fox’s pal and assistant who was really just a house cleaner.Himkar liked the end scene where the characters Mr. Fox, his wife, his son, Kristoff, and Kyle find the supermarket above their own homes. While in pleasure, they dance, which Himkar also liked. Himkar thinks Kristoff, Mr. Fox's cousin, is the cutest character of the film. Himkar also likes the fight scenes. This includes the rat and Mr. Fox fights, for they encountered each other two times, one in Beans juice storage, and the sewer, the other fight scene with the dog.That is it for Fantastic Mr. Fox, the movie based on the book. According to Pukar Pandey, “My favorite movie was The Fantastic Mr. Fox. My favorite character is Mr. Fox. For Himkar, the movie was funny, although for Pukar, he did not find it funny. The part when the rat and Mr. Fox were fighting was nice. Kyle tried to fight the rat, but failed, so Mr. Fox saved him. Then, Kyle and Kristenoff go to try and steal Mr. Fox's tail, but Kristenoff gets caught. I also liked the scene where the police and Mr. Fox were fighting. Mr. Fox threw fire into some places. When trying to breaking in to the last factory, there was a dog with rabies. Mr. Fox was making fun of it, and it started to chase them. They rescued Kristenoff, and escaped. The dog then started to attempt to bite the people. In the end, they go to the supermarket, and they have a party. It was a good movie, and a lot of students in this school regard this as their favorite movie.”

According to Himkar Singh

Himkar felt the movie Madagascar was a funny film. It was hilarious. Himkar’s favorite character is KingJulian IIII. The funniest character is his opinion is Mort, the baby squirrel. The cutest characters were Melmen. Himkar's favorite scene is Alex the lion, when he dances and roars out at the end of his dance.

Real Steel
According to Himkar Singh

Himkar felt satisfaction during Real Steel the movie. He felt "amazing" and happy. Himkar's favorite character is the final and successful robot that wins against the robot Zeus. The bot was first a sparring bot. Himkar felt the funniest character is the Twin-head bot, and the funniest scene is the guy withoutunderwear.

Bruce Almighty
According to Samir Pandey

I just watched Bruce Almighty. A man called Bruce gets the powers of God, but uses them in a selfish way, so that the world almost gets destroyed. One, of my favorite parts is when the dog kept on peeing on the couch. When Bruce got his powers, he "potty-trains" the dog. I liked it when he went to the bathroom by himself, and once he was reading the newspaper while on the toilet. It was funny when the monkey went out of the person's bottom when Bruce was trying to show them up, again. All the other people ran away. The monkey had a white face, yet the rest of the body was black. It was funny when the monkey bit the man in the bottom. For the other people, Bruce sent a swarm of bees on them, they came from his mouth. They all ran away. In one scene, there was fire everywhere, as it was the end of the world. My favorite character was the dog. It was a good movie. I laughed while watching this movie

Lego Movie
According to Abin Rai

Lego Movie is a really good movie, in my opinion. My favorite character was Batman. I like it when he fights and drives the car. It was a funny movie, I laughed while watching it. It was nice when they were riding the rainbow to Cloud Coo-Coo Land. I also liked the old wizard who always carried the cane. Superman is also cool. I also liked the fighting scenes; I liked it when Emmett threw the bomb. I also liked the fight with Lord Business. One robot has a gun, and shoots it at other people. There is a cop, who has both a good and bad personality. I like it when the cop finally decides to become all good, and not bad. I like the hero, Emmett. I like it when the hero and everyone else teams up and fights the bad guys. I like the song, "Everything is awesome," that everyone liked. It was cool when they built the Krackler, and put superglue from the Kragle in it to freeze everybody on Taco Tuesday. I liked it when all the good guys and the police teamed up together to finish off Lord Business.

The Untouchables
By Jeena Shrestha

This movie is based on real life events, which I found really amazing. I really liked the movie, for there was no romance, and the action did not take up the entire movie. The plot was well written, and when a person died, I felt really touched. This movie was about the capture of Al Capone. The setting was in Chicago, at the time of the alcohol prohibition. Al Capone illegally sold alcohol, and it was impossible to catch him. A group of four ended up catching him by sending him to jail for unpaid taxes. It was silly that they could not catch him, even though he has killed so many people. In the beginning, a little girl got killed by a bomb that one of Al Capone's men set up when a bartender refused to but those illegal drinks. Two of these people die, and it was really sad. There were parts in the movie that were hilarious, and other parts that made me want to cry. It was even sadder still when I thought all those events actually happened. I loved the movie, and it is certainly a movie I would not mind watching again.

The Last of the Mohicans
By Jeena Shrestha

The Last of the Mohicans is based on a book, which in turn is based on real life events. It is about a dying Native American tribe, called the Mohicans. There are only three of them left, one who is aEuropean, and is adopted. It talks of the American Revolutionary War, the war between the French and English. The Mohicans join forces with the English, and prove to be very good warriors. It is about two European women who need help going to a fort to meet their father, a general. Along the way, the Mohicans helps them survive French forces. Two of the Mohicans falls in love with the ladies. They take the girls to safety, but one of the girls got captured. There is a fight between the head of another tribe and the Mohicans, and one of the Mohicans die in the process of trying to save the woman. In turn, she jumps off the cliff, and dies next to him. The eldest Mohican, who are a Mohican by blood, state how he is the last Mohican alive. This movie is very good and emotional. It is based on true events. I really don't like romance, but this movie had a good amount of action. There was a scene in the movie that the opposing tribe cut out the heart of the English General, and held it up. The actors in this movie were really good, but I think I will have to wait for a couple of years before I will like the movie.
Scent of a Woman
By Jeena Shrestha

This movie is about the interaction between two male characters. It takes place during Thanksgiving holiday. One is a blind, old man who has issues concerning his temperament. The other is a poor, 17 year old boy named Charlie Simmons, has trouble about an incident in school. It is an okay movie, but I might like it more in a couple of years. This movie has no action, but contains a lot of romance. The old man was a soldier named Colonel Frank Slade, who is an alcoholic. Charlie attends Baird School of Boys boarding school. Most people from his school came from affluent backgrounds, while he was on a scholarship. Charlie, when leaving the library, accidently saw three rich, popular boys pranking the principal with another popular boy. The next day, the principal's new car was ruined due to the prank. He found out that Charlie and another boy had seen who made the prank. Charlie had promised the four popular boys not to tell the principal before, and was unsure if he should say who did it or not, especially after the principal promises him a free seat at Harvard. As he cannot afford to go to see his family for Thanksgiving holiday, he went to get a job for thanksgiving break. His job was to take care of Colonel Frank Slade while his family went to visit family. After they leave, Colonel Frank says he has plans for thanksgiving in New York. During the whole trip, Charlie stresses out about what decision he should make, but learns to relax, and become more humane. I do not understand the message of this movie, and it does not seem correct to be giving a message to people that they should not be telling the truth, to lie about your age, as well as countless other lessons. I might understand it more when I grow up.

The Wizard of Oz
By Abiksha Shrestha

There was a man. He was a wizard called Oz. He went on a stage to show his magic. I thought it was not a real magic, but it was a real magic. He called a woman and made her lie down. He lifted her in air with his magic. The people who were looking at the show said it’s not a real magic, but it was a real magic. Some people said there were wires. And then his friend gave him a sharp knife. He cut the wires. He put a towel on her, and made her disappear. There was a little girl she was very surprised and clapped her hands. She was in a wheelchair, and asked Oz to make her be able to walk again. After that, everybody said make her walk, but he couldn’t, so he went away. After he went home, a woman was there. His assistant told him that there was a big, angry man who wanted to hurt him. He chased Oz, and the angry man destroyed a lot of things in his path. Oz found a hot air balloon, and escaped. There was a big storm, and the wizard got scared because he could have gotten killed. And he got crashed on a river and panicked, for he could not swim, but it was not deep. A woman came to help him. She was wearing a red hat and a red cloth and asked if he was okay. She had seen him fell from the sky. They ran from hideous creatures. They found the bad wizard. The woman and the wizard hid on a rock but the bad wizard was in their head the wizard and the lady and the wizard gave a pigeon to the bad wizard and he flew away. I only saw up to this much of the movie. But, based on what I saw, was really good. My favorite character was the woman clothed in red. I liked her because she helped the wizard. My favorite scene of the movie was when they got in the castle.

The Lorax
By Jay Shrestha

The Lorax the film is based on Dr. Seuss’s book. It is like all Dr. Seuss book-based films. It uses the book only as a foundation, but they add so much more. In the film, they use the book only as a backstory.
The movie takes place in Thneedville, where there is nothing natural.The trees and bushes are pop-ups, and you have to BUY air. A boy named Ted Wiggins is the main character. He has a crush on a girl named Audrey and she says if she ever had a real tree, she would marry the person who gave it. So Ted wanted to get tree for her. Ted’s grandma told him that he could go out of town to talk to a legend named the Once-ler to get one. It was very dangerous going out of town. He had to go through some obstacles to reach the Once-ler.Once he did get to the Once-ler, he got part of the story of what happened to the trees, but then he had to go back home. Whenever Ted would go, the mayor, O’Hare, would get suspicious. Finally, after many visits and a development of a friendship, Ted got the seed. He went home to start planting it, but O’Hare came to stop him. After a big chase, he finally planted a tree in the middle of town and said how the tree makes fresh, free air and should be used. Everyone also saw what was outside, the world destroyed because of the pollution they make. O’Hare tries to reason with everyone, but they choose Ted’s side. The end is everyone planting trees and the Once-ler going outside and also planting. Then the Lorax came and they became friends, and the animals came back too. So peace was restored.It was a good movie for a book, and was created by Illumination, who made Despicable Me.

By Jay Shrestha      

Terminator the movie is directed by James Cameron and producer being Gale Anne Hurd. The movie stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Biehn, and Linda Hamilton. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays the Terminator. The movie is the first of the five-movie Terminator franchise. The story is about in 2029, anorganization of robots called Skynet are trying to destroy what's left of humanity after a big nuclear war that was worldwide. During the war, a robot called the Terminator (Arnold Schwarzegger) is sent to 1984 to kill Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) whose son, John Connor, will become a leader to fight against the machines. Kyle, a solider (Michael Biehn) is sent back in time to protect Sarah from death. While The Terminator is kicking peoples butt and shooting them and stealing clothes, Kyle has it harder to survive. He gets chased by a police officer and goes to a clothing store and gets stuff to wear. He gets out and runs away. While so, The Terminator finds where Sarah Connor lives and "terminates" Sarah's best friend and Sarah's best friend’s boyfriend. Sarah feels nowhere is safe once she finds out everyone with a similar name to her is getting killed. When she goes to a party, both Kyle and The Terminator go to her. They fight each other, but Kyle and Sarah gets away. There is a big chase, and after a while, they get away. While Terminator is healing, Kyle and Sarah fall in love and end up being John's parents. While that, they went to different places to live and survive. Kyle also tells why he must protect Sarah and the war ahead of them.There was finally the battle where The Terminator dies, but unfortunately also Kyle does. Sarah becomes pregnant at the end and tells baby John what is ahead of him. I felt both sad at times, and amazed at the action. The movie was good. I would rate it a six though, not that good, but it did start the famous franchise that went all the way to 2015 with four other movies.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day
By Jay Shrestha

Terminator 2: Judgment Day is the second movie of the Terminator franchise. The movie stars Arnold Schwarzeneggeras the Terminator, although in a different direction. Michael Bihn plays Kyle for a brief cameo of Sarah's dream, which was not shown in the theatrical release of the film. Sarah was played by Linda Hamilton yet again, but lots much more different as she is now a fighter and kind of a crazy woman. It is directed and produced by the same person. The future is changed and people know about The Terminator. The future stays a bit the same. The war is raging, a terminator is sent back. But the terminator sent back in time is much more advanced with a liquid metal body and shape-shifting abilities. The Arnold Schwarzenegger version of the terminator is reprogrammed to save John when he was a kid because the new T-1000 bot (with the liquid metal and stuff) is after him. So Arnold is a good guy now. John Connor is a dirty robber boy and he goes into an arcade in a mall. But both the T-800 and the T-1000 are going to the arcade. John's friend saw that someone is looking for him ( The T-1000 in a cop uniform he got from killing a cop when he came from the time machine) so John started running. The T-1000 saw and started to advance him. The T-1000 got in front of John, so John was running the other way until he runs into the Arnold Terminator. While John is scared of the two scary robots (Arnold Terminator is in a fashionable set of clothes he got from killing someone. Also he got sunglasses that look pretty cool) so he ran. The two robots battled in the mall. The advanced T-1000 was giving more of a fight, for he was stronger. After a big truck and motorcycle chase, the Terminator and John gets away. John gets confused and Arnold says how he is his protector and will follow his orders. The first thing John wants to do is find his mother who decided she wouldn't be able to handle jack. The terminator tries to object, but gets ordered to. The Terminator sees two annoying people and tries to kill them, so John says that is not good. After Terminator uses a voice changer and talks in a John Connor voice to Johns "step mother", he finds that isn't Johns step mother. The "step mother" is actually the T-1000 trying to track down John and the T-1000 assassinates John's step dad. After John and Terminator finally reunite with John's mother Sarah, they meet the T-1000 and run. They get away and the Terminator shows how to turn on his learning mode to be able to learn. He learns how to become more human and John becomes best friends with the terminator. After some work and teaching from John, they lose Sarah, who's off to kill the one that creates Skynet and the machines, Dillon. After stopping her, they work with the creator of Skynet to infiltrate the Skynet quarters and destroy all the work. After doing so and a big police fight where the Terminator tries to not kill, and nobody dies, everyone but Dillon leaves. When the police came, Dillon sets of a bomb he had, destroying the building and which included him too. The three characters got into a warehouse where they fought the T-1000 and after battle, defeated him. But the good terminator had to be terminated so there would be nothing to build the terminators with. It was sad, but afterwards, they got out.
The movie was cute and funny because of the relationship between John and the Terminator was adorable. It was very sad when the Terminator had to kill himself. But, it was probably the best movie for special effects. The T-1000 had special effects that still in 2015 some movies, like Avengers 2 can't beat.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
By Jay Shrestha

The Terminator 3 movie is the third movie of the Terminator franchise, and is the last of the trilogy.  Unfortunately, the movie isn't directed or written by James Cameron, which makes it not as good as the first two movies. Also, the special effects are nowhere as good as Terminator 2.  Arnold Schwarzeneggeris still in the movie, he'll always be the Terminator. The movie also stars Nick Stahl, Claire Danes, and Kristanna Loken. The movie keeps Arnold being the terminator sent back in time as the good guy in the third future, where the bad terminator is a woman. But he is reprogrammed by someone else. His/hers name will be mentioned in the summary. Arnold Schwarzeneggerkeeps his normal look of black leather and sunglasses to look badass for action. In the future, everything the same happens in Terminator Two. The T-850, the normal terminator who is played by Arnold is reprogrammed to stop a more advanced version of the terminators. In this case, the bad terminator is modeled as a female. She is even more advanced than the T-1000 in terminator two; she is the T-X. It has the same liquid metal, but no shape shifting abilities. Though, her hands can act in different forms of weapons, swords, laser guns, machine guns, and flamethrowers. She can even reprogram other machines. The Arnold Terminator is reprogrammed by Kate Brewster, John's future wife. The T-X's new goal is to kill the people who will become soldiers against the machines. The T-X accidentally finds John and Katie and used that to kill them. John as a teenager steals for his survival and now tries to save all biotic things. He is very different after the events of Terminator 2. His mother, Sarah Connor died from leukemia. He ends up going to a hospital to steal food for himself, to be found by Katie who works there. Katie shows John has been eating dog medicine, and then throws him in a dog cage. The T-X arrives at the hospital to find John's DNA and goes looking. Katie runs away, but John is trapped. Then the good T-850 comes and rescues John. John, Katie, and the T-850 run away. They end up throwing John and Katie in the back of the van and the Terminator drove. Katie is horrified by the confusion and believes to be kidnapped. The T-X reprogrammed some police cars and drovein a big truck with a crane and they go off. There is a cool car chase, but the good guys get away. After stopping at a gas station a desert for food, and the T-850 getting a new pair of sunglasses, the store keeper who got shoplifted saw Katie and Katie looked like she was getting kidnapped. The store owner tried calling the cops but accidentally warned the T-X, who was killing. The T-X later found the characters after the three good guys got where Sarah's body should've been, but instead there was weaponry. The T-X had a fight and lost its primary laser gun, and turned it to a flamethrower. After a car chase, they got away. Katie was more understanding what was going on and felt better. They went to Skynet headquarters, where the boss was actually Katie's father. Katie's father gets assassinated and gives a way to "stop the judgment day and nuclear war." After the T-X takes over some of the robots that kills the Skynet workers, The T-850 and T-X battle. But at the end, the T-850 gets reprogrammed to fight John. While that, John and Katie run into the T-X and fight her. Using a magnetic field, they stop her and get outside to a plane deck. The T-850 then comes. After a fight, John gets the T-850 to remember its mission. On a plane they go to where Katie’s father tells them to go to. The three characters are stopped by the T-X who is really messed up and lost its human look and weaponry. While the T-850 tries stopping the T-X. John and Katie look for a way to stop the nuclear war, until they found out they weren't supposed to stop it, they had to survive it. The movie ended with the nuclear war and the two terminators dying out, and the war beginning.The movie was a hugedisappointment in my opinion. It was too sad, barely any good action, and lacked its Terminator cool. But the movie was the end of the trilogy.

Terminator Genysis
By Jay Shrestha 
Directed by Alex Taylor and written by Laeta Kalogridis, Patrick Lussier, and two other people, this is the fifth movie of the Terminator franchise. The movie stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as the good terminator, Jason Clarke who plays John Connor, and finally Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor. The movie can be one of the most confusing movies of all time, but is okay for action. It is two hours and six minutes, which is long for a movie. Without further to due, this is the summary. The movie begins with watching Judgment Day and the world's destruction. In the future, Kyle as a kid is running away from the Terminators. He meets one, but John Connor comes and rescues him. Fascinated by his heroics, he helps fight off the machines with John and an army called the Resistance. Project Columbia succeeds in finishing off the war, but everyone is too late when one robot, a Terminator is sent back in times. That is the villain of the first Terminator film. When Johns finds the time machine, he decides who to send to protect his mother. Kyle goes, and before leaving, asks how John knows that Sarah will be attacked. John admits everyone has been telling all of this. Kyle, who has to go in naked, goes back in time. Before completely going back, John gets attacked. During that event, In terminator one, the bad Arnold terminator is ready to kill some people until the good guy Arnold comes, from Terminator two. He uses "help" to defeat the bad terminator. Kyle is chased by the T-1000 of the second Terminator movie, but is rescued by Sarah Connor. Kyle goes and is confused by how the first two movies are combined and how Sarah is a skilled fighter. She says the timeline is screwed up. They take down the T-1000 with the help of an officer named O'Brien, The Arnold Terminator, and Sarah Connor. The Arnold Terminator is named Pops, for when Sarah was a child, she got attacked by the T-1000 and the Arnold Terminator saved her and was basically her guardian forever. The three characters find a time machine. Only Sarah and Kyle can go, and Pops must wait. Sarah thinks they must go to 1997 wherethe terminators weren't built yet, but Kyle objects because of a vision of something called Genysis would start Skynet in 2017 and they must go to 2017. They end up listening to Kyle. In 2017, the two characters turn up in the middle of a highway and are captured. Pops sees them. In the room, Sarah and Kyle find themselves trapped. They meet O'Brien, who has been talking about when he saw Kyle fight the terminators. Then someone unexpected comes, JOHN CONNOR. He reveals he is Sarah's son after answering questions only Sarah and John knew and prove him. They also said that Kyle becomes John’s dad. After some happy time, they got up to the garage, when Pops SHOT him. Sarah and Kyle were horrified, well Kyle was like "Told you so." But then John got up in amazement. He said for everyone to calm down, but they were scared. John said how when he was attacked, it was Skynet, but in the form of a human being. It changed John into a robot. Kyle was horrified, especially at what then John says. John said the three other characters must join him and not destroy Skynet, or John will kill them. They fight John and he get away. There is a big chase and action. During this time, Genysis is finishing up and Skynet is becoming a thing. Pops goes and attacks John while Kyle and Sarah try to deactivate Genysis. John gets out and tries activating it. Pops attacks. Skynet as a holographic person tries annoying Kyle and Sarah, but they destroy the hologram projectors. When it is activated, they see Pops and John fight in the time machine. Then Pops remembers something, the time machine will destroy any metal. At this point, John doesn't even look like John, but a robot. Kyle and Sarah must activate the time machine to destroy the evil John, but that would destroy Pops. Sarah doesn't want to because Pops is her guardian. But they do. John tries to escape, but Pops keeps him in. Then they go somewhere. Sarah is very sad, but they changed the future and Skynet is never going to be build. No Judgment Day, the world is saved. Then Pops comes out, and he merged with John’s body to stay alive and is stronger. After getting out, the place is blown up. Now Sarah can choose any future, and she choosing it with Kyle and Pops. They end up going to kid Kyle's house and repeating "Genysis is Skynet" and leave, and that’s the end. The movie was certainly better than Terminator 3 and Terminator 4, but still could've had more. The movie was spectacular is special effects though. This movie ends with showing the Skynet core isn't actually completely destroyed, so who knows, more movies can come. The Terminator franchise, will always be, one of the best franchises of cinema history.

By Abiksha Shrestha

At the first there was many soldiers fighting and there was one Robot.That Robot tried to kill everyone. The robot would not die. There was one group of Nazis with him. I did not know the other group but there was a man and a woman. There were many groups. There was one group who didn’t die with the robot because nobody saw them.  After that the group also started to fight. In that group there was a scientist. There was one man who killed the robot with a sword but he died. A man also shot the scientist, but he did not die, it only wounded him. He lied down for some time.  After that one person carried him and others helped. Afterwards, they went into a cave and saw baby Hellboy and the people got scared and pulled out their guns, which scared Hellboy too. But the scientist told everyone to put the guns down. Then he got out a Baby Ruth chocolate and fed it to Hellboy. Hellboy was red and had two horns. One of his hands was as big as a hammer, and the other one was small. Then the scientist lured him to his arms and put a blanket on it and said, “It’s a boy!” They had a photo of the soldiers and baby Hellboy. The photo got in the newspaper and there was along montage and the intro scene. A man called John got in the scientist’s house. After that, he saw Hellboy, who was a lot older. After that, the scientist said he liked chocolates and the scientist looked after him as a baby and made him bison. He had many and many cat in his room after that they found a good alien who can stay in both water and land after that the alien came out of the water and touched one door and said there was danger on the other side. Hellboy said ‘Let’s say him hi.’ He opened the door and tried to kill the danger, which was an insect-looking alien. Then they met one girl. Her power was a blue fire. After that John and that girl went out. When Hellboy saw john and that girl together, he hit John with a stone. Then hellboy and the girl were friends again. The name of the movie is Hellboy. It is produced by Stephen Scot, Mike Mighnola, Peter Amunpson, and Marco Beltra.

By Jay Shrestha

Thor is directed by Kenneth Branagh. It is written by Ashley Edward Miller, Zack Stentz, and Don Payne.  The movie stars Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Natalie Portman as Jane Foster, Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Stellan Skarsgard as Dr. Erik Selvig, Colm Feore as Laufey, Ray Stevenson as Volstagg, Idris Elba as Heimdall, Kat Dennings as Darcy Lewis, Rene Russo being Frigga, and finally Anthony Hopkins playing Odin. The rest of the cast is Tadanobu Asano being Hogun, Joshnu Dalla being Fandra, Jaimie Alexander as Sif, and finally Clark Gregg as Agent Phil Coulson. The movie begins in 965 A.D where Odin, king of Asgard has war against the Frost Giants and Laufey, because the Frost giants want to conquer and the nine realms in the universe. After war, Odin wins, and takes the Casket of Ancient Winters, which is basically a box that can only be used by Frost Giants and shoots out ice. Then Odin and the remaining warriors go back to Asgard.  Then it shows the future where Kid-version of Loki and Thor are listening to the story of that war. Thor says when he’s king, he wants to slay all of the Frost Giants, but Odin says that isn’t good leadership. He says both Loki and Thor were born to be kings, even though only one can really be king. Then it show
s present day where Thor is getting the throne as king. But the event is interrupted by Frost Giants trying to retrieve the Casket of Ancient Winters. They kill some guards, but the Destroyer, a giant robot kills the Frost Giants. Everyone rushes to the scene. Thor gets mad and says that since the Frost Giants almost got the casket, the Asgardians should attack the Frost giants to teach them not to attack again and make them fear Asgard. Odin says no, and Odin and Thor argue. Then Thor, Loki, a childhood friend warrior named Sif, and the Warriors Three; Volstagg, Hogun, and Fandra stealthy go to the Frost Giant world. Heimdall tries to stop them, but ends up letting them go. Thor and his friends go and seek the Frost giants, and end up battling them. When they almost lose, Odin comes and stops the war. Then they leave back to Asgard. Thor and Odin have a big argument and Odin takes Thor’s Mjolnir and powers, and sends him to Earth, New Mexico. Then Odin casts a spell on the hammer, whoever is worthy will be able to wield the Mjolnir and have Thor’s powers. Then he sent that to Earth too also New Mexico. In Earth, Thor runs into Jane Foster, Dr. Erik Selvig, and Darcy Lewis. They put him in a hospital after capturing him. After several escape attempts, Thor runs away. After Erik read a book on Thor mythology and recalled Thor screaming Mjolnir and Heimdall, they search for Thor. They end up running into him. Jane, Erik, and Darcy taught Thor the way of human life in Earth. After many stuff happening, like Phil Coulson taking away all of Jane fosters scientific equipment that she mostly build herself, even the book of all of the instructions and stuff, Thor going away, and asking for a horse in a Pet Shop, Jane decides to take Thor where the Mjolnir was thrown to. After fighting the security, Thor gets to the hammer and tries to pick it up. He can’t though, so he is thrown into prison. Loki visits him and says that Odin “died” after Loki found out he was really a Frost Giant and raging at Odin. Thor was sad, but ended up getting bailed out by Erik when he heard that Jane brought Thor to the hammer sight. Thor sneakily took Jane’s book from Coulson and they went to a bar, even though Coulson told that Thor shouldn’t go there. After drinking a lot and Erik getting drunk, they went back to Jane’s home, a big RV. Then Thor talked about the nine realms and what is Heimdall to Jane, and gave back Jane’s book which Jane was happy for, and they slept. Then in the morning Thor showed his manners by giving out the food. But somewhere in New Mexico, Sif and the Warriors Three came to search for Thor. They found him and said they would bring him to Asgard, but Thor says Odin died, but one of the warriors said Odin’s alive. In Asgard, Loki has become king, and doesn’t want Thor to return, so he sends the Destroyer to kill Thor. The Destroyer destroyed part of the town, and Sif and the Warriors Three fought the Destroyer, but failed. Then Thor sacrificed himself to protect everyone else. After getting punched by the Destroyer, Thor receives the Mjolnir for being good, and fights the Destroyer, and defeats it. After saying goodbye to Jane, Thor and his friends returned to Asgard. Loki and Thor fought and at the end, Loki fell into the bottom of the world after destroying the bridge to Earth. At the end, Thor and Odin talked, and Odin said he was proud of Thor. The movie was actually meant for a mythology documentary- ish film, but after different people getting the Thor project, it went to Marvel, and turned into an action film. The movie is emotional and cool because the action is awesome. And Thor became an Avenger later on and has his own franchise.

BBC's Twelfth Night or What 

You Will

Author: William Shakespeare
Main Characters: Viola, Sebastian, Olivia, Orsino, and Cesar

This review was written by 7 year old Abiksha Shrestha and edited and added on to by 14 year old Jeena. The movie "Twelfth Night" is based on a Shakespearean play. This movie takes place during the 17th century. At the beginning of the movie, a ship was getting ready to sail on a long journey. Due to a shipwreck caused by the ship crashing on a rock, twins Sebastian and Viola were separated and the brother and sister, each thought the other was dead. Sebastian got lost at sea, but a sea captain by the name of Antonio rescued him. Viola ended up in the town of Illyria. The captain of the ship advised Viola to dress up as a boy; cut her hair and where the attire of that as a man. Viola agreed that was a good idea. Doing as the captain advised, Viola was changed her name to "Cesario," and went to work for the Duke Orsino.Viola started to fall in love with the Duke. Unfortunately for her, the Duke fancied Olivia, and thought that "Cesario" was a man. Cesario was the Duke's messenger. The Duke ordered Viola to go to Olivia's castle, although she did not want to. At her door, Viola told Olivia that her master fancied her. Olivia though, did not like the Duke, and told Cesario that she would not marry him. Viola tried to change Olivia's minds by referring to her master as kind-hearted and nice, but nothing would budge her. When at last Olivia stated fiercely that she did not like him, Viola said that she was very cruel, and went away. Back at the Duke's place, she told her master of their conversation. The duke was very upset. As it turned out, Olivia was in love with Cesario, whom she taught was a man. This created a love triangle that is both confusing and comedic. Upon her return, Viola had spotted her brother, Sebastian, who she thought was dead. But, she did not say anything to him, for fear of her actual identity getting lost.As a comedic side plot, Maria, Olivia's maid, Sir Toby Belch, Olivia's cousin, Sir Andrew Aguecheek, a rich man who Sir Toby brings to be Olivia's wooer, Feste, Olivia's fool, and Fabian, a servant and friend of Sir Toby plan a conspiracy against Malvolio, Olivia's steward. When Malvolio told them they were drinking too much, they planned revenge on Malvolio. By convincing Malvolio that Olivia is in love with him through a letter written by Maria in handwriting similar to that of Olivia. It asks Malvolio to wear yellow stockings cross-gartered, to be rude to the rest of the servants, and to smile constantly in the presence of Olivia. Sir Toby, Sir Andrew Aguecheek, and Fabian hide among the trees while Malvolio finds the letter on the ground. More than once Malvolio almost sees them, but the trio escapes his view. Upon finding the letter, he reads it out loud, assumes that Olivia wrote the letter, and, much to the pleasure of everyone else, follows the directions of the letter exactly, creating a fool out of himself. He is thought as insane when he acts these out in front of Olivia, and the trio locked him up, and mocked him. Afterwards, Sebastian arrives onto the scene, which adds much more to the confusion. Mistaking Sebastian for "Cesario," Olivia asks Sebastian to marry her, and was secretly married in a church. Olivia confronts Cesario, saying that they are a couple, when Sebastian arrives and even more confusion occurs. At this point, Viola tells them she is female, and that Sebastian is her twin brother. The movie ends with the Duke and Viola marrying, and it is learned that Sir Toby married Maria. Malvolio swears revenge on his tormentors, but the Duke sends Fabian to console him.

By Jay Shrestha

The movie Avengers is the first movie of the probably-only-three-movie Avenger Franchise. Also, it leads up to many other movies. The movie was meant to bring the characters Thor, Hulk, Iron man, Hawkeye, and Black Widow as a team, like the Avenger comics and TV shows. Thor, Hulk, and Iron Man havetheir own solo movies. Black widow was featured in Iron man 2, and Hawkeye was in Thor. The movie ended up being the start of a new francizes. The movie includes Samuel L. Jackson as the Nick Fury. Samuel is a very popular actor for he played Mace Windu in Star Wars, and other awesome characters. Chris Evans played the First Avenger, CAPTAIN AMERICA. Chris Hemsworth played the god THOR. Robert Downey Jr. played IRON MAN. Mark Ruffalo plays the Incredible HULK.  Scarlet Johnansson played the Black Widow. Jeremy Renner plays the archer who never misses, HAWKEYE. Tom Hiddleston plays the bad guy, LOKI. Clark Gregg plays Agent Phil Coulson. Cobie Smulders played Agent Maria Hill. Stella Skarsgard plays the kind-of-crazy scientist who is also a friend of Thor, Dr. Evik Selvig. The movie was very well done and is one of the best movies Marvel has made. The movie is too long I can't summarize it. But it was also a little nudge that helped the plot of Thor 2 and Iron Man 3. It was very fun to see all the heroes trying to work together and fighting each other because they don't know each other. The movie definitely inspired other movies of Marvel.

by Pukar Gautam
edited by Nitya Poudel

In the beginning of the movie, there was a man who was singing a song and moving towards a city. When he reached the city he opened a shop. He showed tricks with the items of his shop. The shopkeeper showed a lamp and narrated a story where Jafar is in the desert at the night.

Jafar had a parrot named Eiago. A man ran towards Jafar and connected two pieces of the beetle together. The beetle flew and landed on the desert. A cave with a tiger mouth appeared from the sand where the beetle had landed.  It was the cave of wonders. Jafar knew that there was valuable treasure including the magical lamp inside the cave so he ordered the man to go and get the treasures. If he could bring the treasures, he promised that all the treasure would be his except the lamp. The man tried to go inside but the cave stopped him and said that it will only be opened by the diamond in the rough.

There was a naughty boy with a naughtier monkey running on the roof. He was running from the guards because he stole bread. His name was Aladdin (diamond in the rough) and his monkey’s name was Abu. A fat girl carried Aladdin when he was running away from the guards. It was really funny and I laughed a lot. When they reached their home, they divided the bread into half. There were two hungry children so Aladdin wanted to give his bread to the children. Aladdin gave his bread and after seeing that Abu also gave his bread. The children were happy and they walked towards the street.

When they were going to cross the street, a horse with a prince riding on it came towards them. The prince was angry that the children crossed his way and so he tried to hit the children with a whip. Aladdin came in the way and saved them.

The next day, the prince walked inside the castle very angrily. His clothes were torn by the princess’s pet tiger. Her name was Jashmine. The king went to his daughter and said to get married to prince because it was a law. The princess told that she wanted to get free and not marry with a prince because she wanted to see the world outside the palace too.

 Jafar who was the king’s royal advisor came and hypnotized the king. He asked for the king’s ring from which he could look at the diamond in the rough (Aladdin). That night, the princess ran away from the castle. As she was walking through the street next day, she saw a hungry girl. She gave her an apple from a shop but did not pay because she did not have money. The shopkeeper was going to hit Jashmine, Aladdin came and saved her. Jafar was looking all these through the ring. When they reached Aladdin’s home they guards attacked them. They took the princess back to the castle and Aladdin in the prison. In the night, Abu came and freed Aladdin.

When they were escaping the prison, they saw an old man. The old man told that they could get rich if they go to the cave of wonders and get the magical lamp. Jafar had disguised into the old man. He told that there were many treasures inside the cave of wonders. He would give it all to Aladdin if Aladdin could find the lamp. Aladdin was ready and they went to the cave through a secret way. When they reached, the cave alerted Aladdin and Abu to not touch anything except the lamp. Aladdin and Abu went inside. They reached a place full of gold and found a carpet that was following them. The carpet could fly. The carpet showed them the way towards the lamp. The lamp was placed in the rock which was in the middle of the lake. Aladdin asked Abu and the carpet to stay in the shore while he went to bring the lamp. There was a statue carrying a ruby. Abu touched the ruby and there were explosions inside the cave. Aladdin took the lamp jumped in the carpet which came to save. They made their way to the mouth of the cave. The old man asked for the lamp. Aladdin gave him the lamp but the man took a knife out and tried to attack Aladdin. Abu bit his hand, stole the lamp and jumped.

Abu gave the lamp to Aladdin and when Aladdin rubbed the lamp, Genie came out. Genie could grant any three wishes to Aladdin but he had some rules: 1. Genie could not kill people 2. He could make people fall in love 3. He could make dead people alive. Other than that he could do anything. Aladdin and Abu made a plan to get out of that cave without using any of the three wishes. They kept whispering that Genie could not take them out of that place. Genie heard that and he was angry that Aladdin and Abu underestimated him so he took them to the island. He said that one of Aladdin’s wish is gone after reaching the island but Aladdin told that he not even wished for something and Genie brought them there. Then the Genie told that he was not free. Aladdin asked him how Genie could be free and the Genie told that he could only be free if the master uses one of his wishes to free the Genie. He would use his third to wish to make the Genie free.

After that Aladdin granted his first wish to become a prince. He became a prince and went to his own city. He asked the princess’s hand for marriage. The king was ready but Jafar wanted to marry the princess because after marrying the princess he could become the next king. The princess was not ready to marry anyone as she did not know that the prince was actually Aladdin. At night, Aladdin came to the princess’s room to tell her the truth. He travelled all around the world with her on the magic carpet. After some days, they were kidnapped by the guards of Jafar and were thrown in the water. The Genie came out and saved Aladdin but it was counted as his wish. Then the Genie kept arguing to let him free for the last wish. Aladdin told that he could not let Genie free because he had to marry the princess because he loved her. Genie was angry as Aladdin was going to break his promise. He went inside the lamp. Aladdin also left the lamp in the room and went to the top of the tower. Eiago flew in the room, picked the lamp and flew to Jafar.

Jafar was happy and he granted his first wish that was to be the king of the place. He ordered the people to bow before him. The people did not bow so he granted his second which was to be the world’s strongest magician. He made everybody bow before him. He put Aladdin, the magical carpet and Abu inside a tower and sent them to a snowy place. Aladdin again flew back and fought with Jafar. Jafar kept on saying that he was the strongest person but Aladdin told that Jafar was not the strongest but Genie was the strongest. Jafar got all his powers from Genie and Genie could take it back. Jafar told his last wish was to be a Genie. He became a Genie and was trapped inside a lamp. Genie threw the lamp away. All the magic that Jafar had done was gone. Then Aladdin also gave his final wish which was to set the Genie free. Then the Genie was free and went towards to explore the whole world. Aladdin and the princess fell in love and lived happily ever after.

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