Monday, January 16, 2017

Great taste of lapsi

On 15 January, 2017 we made pickle of lapsi fruit. A couple of days ago, some of my friends had gone on a hike to Champadevi and brought back many lapsis. The lapsis they had brought weighed more than 2 kg. Today we made pickle of those lapsis as we were afraid they would get spoiled soon. Half of my friends were making orange marmalade so only half of us made the pickle. Kusma, Sheelu and I were told to help Sabita didi make the pickle.

First we boiled the lapsis. Then we peeled their outer cover. After that we grinded the peels of the lapsis. After we were done with grinding we put some oil in the cooking pot. We waited for it to get hot and then we put some methi on the pot. After sometime we put the lapsis inside the pot and mixed it with the oil. When it was completely mixed we put the grinded pickle in the pot. Then we added salt, sugar, spices and chili powder inside the pot. We used four cups of chili powder which is supposed to be spicy but when we tasted the pickle it was not spicy. It was sweet so we added more chili powder and sugar. This time it tasted good and our work was done. The lapsi pickle tasted better than the last time we had made it.

by Shaswat Badal

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